How to Make Palo Azul Tea

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How to Make Palo Azul Tea

How to Make Palo Azul Tea. Palo Azul tea is more than a blueish beverage to warm you up and help you feel better in cold afternoons. It also supplies a healthy punch that can prevent and/or help against various conditions. This article is your much-needed guide for every tea lover, providing everything from why it should always be kept ready to go to how to make the best-tasting cup possible.

What Is Palo Azul Tea?

Palo Azul tea has a delicate taste and pleasant aroma that is distinctively South American. With its many health benefits, it’s been loved by consumers worldwide. It gains popularity because of its subtle flavor and earthy qualities, which make it completely unique. Its most popular indulgence is the hot version with cinnamon, ginger, and lemon – but in the summertime we adore ice-cold Palo Azul!

The Health Benefits

Pazo Azul is an amazing plant, loaded with some of the most beneficial components. It’s good for your overall health and helps with a lot of conditions. Palo Azul has been a staple remedy for a good reason. Packed with some of the most beneficial components, the bark of this plant can seriously improve your overall health:Protecting Kidney Health-The primary use of this incredible plant has been for its detoxification powers.

Thanks to the fact that Palo Azul lowers oxidative stress, it can decrease cell damage for the kidney and pancreas.It can also help with passing kidney stones, support healthy urination, and boost the expulsion of piles up bodily toxins. Funny fact: Palo Azul is popular among occasional marijuana users for this exact reason – it flushes out metabolites and increases the chances of passing a drug test.

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Helps with Inflammation and Arthritis-The active compounds found in the Palo Azul bark can positively impact inflammation by lowering pain, discomfort and also reducing edema. This makes this tea the perfect herbal remedy for arthritis, gout, swelling, and other inflammatory conditions.Supports Proper Digestion-If you have digestive issues, just steep yourself some Palo Azul chips. The tea has calming and anti-diarrheal properties that can soothe your tummy.Prevents Diabetes-Believe it or not: Paz Oazul tea

How to Make Palo Azul Tea

If this sounds like something you should be preempting for the next time you want to make a delicious cup of Palo Azul tea, then come with me. We’ll cover how to prepare it properly and how long it takes to steep. The key to making this Tea lies in accuracy and consistency. The only difference between preparing your tea and bringing peace of mind is the amount and steeping time, so make sure to follow these directions exactly.

Add six cups of water into a large pot and place over medium heat. When the water starts boiling, add slabs of Palo Azul bark in the mix stirring quickly. Then, cover the pot and cook for an hour at lower heat before removing it from heat and uncovering it after one hour.

You will see that the bark is now floating on top of the mixture which means it has been done extracting all the goodies trapped inside with no residue left behind during cooking! Take out your tea steps and sweeten by choice as per preference, warm or cold (it can also be refrigerated in order to have chilled), stop at any time and consume while fresh with honey or sugar according to taste.

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How to See the Blue Color of Palo Azul Tea

The first time you make Palo Azul tea, you may be expecting the blue that the name suggests. However, it doesn’t give a deep ocean-blue color. You’ll have to wait until you taste and see what the ocean looks like. To get that blue cup of tea, brew it for at least 60 minutes. Clear-glass cups are best as well as a lot of light shining over it. If not, grab your flashlight and let the blue shine through!

Palo Azul Side Effects

Although there are no known side effects of sipping on Palo Azul tea, since there isn’t any scientific evidence available to support or dispute this, it is probably best to be cautious and not drink too much. Drinking too much can lead to some serious (potentially life-threatening) consequences.


Are you ready to treat yourself to a refreshing cup of Palo Azul tea? Following this article’s advice will help you make the best cream chamomile and peppermint teas, or choose any of our other delicious flavors.

When drinking Palo Azul tea, you’ll want to first learn about all the benefits it has to offer. It may sound like an inaccessible luxury, but rest assured you don’t need a rare bark from South America! Most large retailers, import stores and apothecaries will have this tea on hand. Buy in bulk if needed, and follow these tips to help you make the perfect cup of Palo Azul tea.


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