How to attract more leads from a video

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Why would you make a video in the first place? To generate more leads from a video! Why would you want to create more leads from a video? To make more sales and experience an increase in revenue. Every business owner in the world wants to make a profit. There are indeed stages to revenue generation in the business. Starting from the time you begin to get returns from the business to the point of breaking even, then the step of making a profit. 

However, none of this would be possible without the proper marketing of the product and service. This is the 21st century, and arguably the best way to market your product and service now is video marketing. Once you are making a video, to generate sales and responses from the audience, it is video marketing. 

Now, not many people achieve the aim of making the video. Not many people tend to get the leads they want from their video. In fact, according to reports, 40% of global streaming video ads failed in the third quarter of the year 2019. They fail to generate the desired leads that every marketer is after. 

You don’t want to make that mistake. You don’t want to waste money on making a video, then another on putting it out there, and you get no result. This is the purpose of this short blog post. We will be taking a quick look at the various tips and tricks that will help you generate more leads from your video

Tips to help you maximize lead generation with your videos. 

  • Gate your content
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Don’t be confused at the metaphor used here. You need to gate your content. The video you are offering is most likely an informative content (most recommended, because no one wants to be advertised to). Now, you don’t just put the video out there for everyone to access on a platter of gold. 

Once you are sure that there is something of value to get in the video, tip at this at the beginning. Such that, on the page, the video is published, make use of a caption that tips the audience what they are to get from the video. Now, before they get it, require they submit their information or sharable details you are sure is in the direction of what you want to sell to them. 

This process is referred to as “Gating the content”. The collection of data is the gate in this case. 

  • Make sure there is a call to action

Irrespective of the value you are trying to give out, you should still make sure it is a content that you have branded. Branded materials are those doling out information, but with the specific aim of unconsciously preparing the audience to take actions that are in your interest. At the end of your videos, you need to make sure there is a call to action. 

For instance, if you want to sell a vegan bag, don’t just go all out in your video to ask people to buy. Give them content informing them on why a vegan bag is better than the traditional types of bags. At the end of the video, include a call to have them buy from you, at the best rate possible (If possible, with a discount). 

  • Customize post-click landing pages
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Landing pages are critical in digital marketing, because, that’s where you get the lead to take actions. On this page, you don’t want your audience to be distracted. You don’t want something else to grab their attention in that split minute you have, because that may be the only thing you get from them. If they get distracted, they are gone. 

Landing pages are devoid of distractions. However, they can also help you serve as a platform to get more information about your leads from a video. Or you can get to offer them something more. All in all, post-click landing pages give you a higher chance of converting the leads from a video has generated, rather than losing them immediately the video is over. 

Final take

Making videos about products and services are all fun. However, there is a need to be strategic about them. You don’t want to waste resources, only to have your audience bounce after they get ‘entertained’ by the video. There is certainly a lot more to making videos that convert; however, those listed on this page are good enough. 

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