How to Apply to University

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School graduation is an exciting moment as you step from one life period to another. It is appropriate to feel anxiety, as you have to make important decisions and choose your life path. However, you have to put emotions aside to create a road map to your future career, and the first point there is entering the university. The application process may be exhausting and seem to last forever, but you can pass that and become a student of the dream program.

Choose the Dream Program

By the way, have you already chosen the program and university you want to apply to? If you postpone the decision to the next day because it takes a lot of mental energy and strength, take a piece of paper and start writing.

Create your top of the programs, then search for the top universities whose major is your potential subject. After that, start to cross out one program at a time. Until you leave 5, you will apply.

Maybe you have dreamt of some program for years. Then you can skip this phase and go directly to the next. But first, make sure, whether it is really your own dream or it is imposed by society. Is it possible to be the dream of any of your parents that they didn’t make come true? If not, congrats. You are just in front of your dream.

Visit the University’s Site

After you choose several programs, you will apply to, go to the university’s site. Usually, it contains all the necessary information about your next steps to successful admission. It is crucial to verify the information several times so as not to miss any detail. 

The list of the documents can vary or the number of copies. Some universities ask for two recommendation letters. Others don’t ask for them at all. So, you’d better create a checklist for every university to be sure you submit what is asked.

Every university has its requirements regarding the documents submitted. We mean not only the type of the document but also the content. Be sure to use the right font, spacing, and font size so that your papers won’t be rejected. 

Carefully look at the deadlines. Your application will not be accepted once the deadline is missed. The situation with the deadlines is the same as with the documents. Every university sets its own. Applying to several programs is easy to get confused and miss the necessary deadline. So, try to structure the deadlines you have visually to see the ones approaching.

Write Necessary Documents

During the application process, you have to gather some documents and submit their copies, or you have to write some of them by yourself. Usually, you have to certify a copy of your ID and parent’s ID, proof of residence and exam results. Watch out for sending the original document. You have to keep it and present only copies to the commission.

Talking about papers, you have to prepare. There are several types of them: letter of recommendation, personal statement, and statement of purpose. It usually takes approximately a month to make one paper winning, or you can buy letters of recommendation from professionals. Buying papers will save your time and guarantee you a better result.

No matter whether you will be writing statements by yourself or buying them, you have to make it catching. Do not underestimate the importance of these documents, as they can enhance your chances of getting admission. Such papers give the committee an impression of you as a future student of their program. So, a winning persona statement can show what person you are, and catching a statement of purpose reveals your potential. And letters of recommendation describe how decent a student you will be. They help the committee to understand that you are the best fit for the program.


After all the documents are submitted and reviewed by the admissions committee, you will get an invitation for the interview. This is usually the last step before admission, and it can be rather thrilling. However, you have to get ready for the interview, read several tips and practice some questions with your friends. Do not just repeat the information from your papers. Try to reveal new sides of your personality.

Final Steps

Have successfully passed all the stages, you get to the payment process. Don’t forget to save a copy of the receipt to send to your university. After that, sign the declaration with the university, and your parent has to sign it as well.