Horse Tattoos: What do They Mean?

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horse arm tattoo

There are many different animals that are popular on tattoos. These include snakes and lions, as well as mythological creatures such as dragons. What about horses, though? We take a look at the meaning behind horse tattoos and who are the famous people having them.

A Horse Can Show a Sense of Nobility

Horse have long been regarded as a sign of nobility. There is a good reason why horse racing is called the sport of kings. These animals were typically used to carry around kings and other members of royalty.   

Therefore, a white horse is often used as a reference to nobility and of purity. Many cultures across the planet revere this animal and speak about them in their myths and legends. 

This can be seen in examples such as the famous painting of St George battling a dragon while riding a white horse. In this case, we can see how it represents power and purity in a battle against evil. There are many other pictures that feature impressive white horses as a central figure.

Strength and Beauty

For many, people a horse is the perfect combination of strength and beauty. Watch one of these beasts in full flow in the field or in a race like the Kentucky Derby entries or the Melbourne Cup to understand why this is the case.

Getting a tattoo with a horse on it could be a way of showing that you consider yourself to be a strong, resourceful person. It could also be used to prove that you appreciate the finer things in life and can appreciate beauty wherever you find it. 

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As we saw earlier, horse tattoos are particularly popular among women. This is a terrific symbol for showing the world that you value strength and beauty in your life.

A Sense of Freedom 

There are few things that evoke a sense of freedom more than a horse galloping across the grass. This image gives us a powerful feeling of breaking free of the restraints and of enjoying life on our own terms. If you want to show how much freedom means to you then this is a good choice.

A proud horse running free is the sort of imagery that can very simply sum up a care-free attitude to life. It is the kind of tattoo that someone who is a free spirit and proud of their wild streak might consider getting done.

Interestingly, a white horse also used to signify death in some cultures. However, in modern times it is more likely that a black horse will be more easily understood if this is your aim.  

Celebrities with Horse Tattoos 

There are a few famous people with tattoos of horses on their bodies. One of the most interesting is Iggy Azalea. The Australian rapper/singer has a tattoo on her right arm that shows a blindfolded horse. She loves riding horses and own a couple of them, although it isn’t clear what the blindfold means. 

Another singer who has equine inkings is RaeLynn. She released her debut album, titled Wildhorse, in 2017. To celebrate the achievement, she says that she went online and was looking for designs for hours. Eventually, she left it up to the tattoo artist to create a unique horse design for her.

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Singer Jacqui Sandell went for something similar when choosing a new tattoo design. She got a Dala Horse inked in red on her wrist to show how proud she is of her Swedish roots. 

To sum up, horse tattoos can be used to get across a variety of different messages. If you want to show that any of the subjects above means the world to you then this is an easy way to do so.