Grow Your Real Estate Business With Video Marketing

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Video Marketing
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Why is video important to an estate agent?

Video-enhanced real estate listings generate 403 per cent more inquiries than those without. Video creation and optimization may be a crucial development lever for a local firm striving to break into a crowded market.

According to the National Association of Realtors, internet video sites have exploded in popularity, with 36% of people using video as a source of information during their house search.

Incorporating video into your internet marketing strategy will help you generate more leads. However, for a video to be a successful real estate marketing tool, you must create suitable videos and actively promote them. new apartment for sale in Ponte Falcao

Statistics on Real Estate Video Marketing in 2021

Video marketing has proven to be quite effective in virtually every industry when it comes down to it. According to studies, by 2021:

  1. Every year, video marketers receive 66 per cent more quality leads and a 54 percent boost in brand recognition.
  2. At the same time, marketers that use video will see a roughly 50% increase in income compared to anyone who does not.
  3. Videos perform better on social media than images alone because they are more engaging and shared. Images and text combined may produce 1200 more social shares than video content.

What makes a great real estate video?

With videos available on almost every online platform in this competitive time, it’s more difficult to please your clients now because they’re such enthusiastic video users. Viewers know what makes a good video and what does not. And, much like a prospective house buyer, they’ll move to the next if they don’t like what they see. 

Here are three suggestions for creating a fantastic real estate video.

1. Keep it brief

This is an excellent rule to follow in any marketing video. Customers’ attention spans are shortening all the time. Therefore it’s critical to get your most crucial information over as quickly as possible.

You don’t have to tell them everything right away because the goal of your video is to raise public awareness and inspire them to contact you.

Weave a strong narrative 

You’re undoubtedly used to telling stories as a real estate salesperson. After all, people need to be able to envision themselves in the properties you’re selling, and a compelling tale may help them do just that, as well as help you make sales.

The same may be said for your videos. The fact that real-estate TV shows weave a narrative into the buying and selling process is one of the reasons they are so successful and long-running.

You can use the same thing to reach more people and develop memorable marketing materials that appeal to your ideal consumers and motivate them to act.

All you have to do is pique their interest enough for them to approach you for a discussion. 

Develop a reputation for your real estate brand 

You’ve put in a lot of effort to get to where you are in the field; now is the time to show off your real estate expertise in a video! 

With real estate marketing videos, you may show off your properties.

You may use real estate video marketing to showcase your homes to potential clients. You may utilize the films to take potential purchasers on a tour of your properties and discuss essential features with them (price, location etc.). For brokers and clients who do not reside in the same region, the ability to show off houses and properties from a distance is a game-changer.

Real estate video ideas

Cold Outreach Videos 

Sending video introductions helps to build trust. It’s uncommon, so it’ll catch people’s attention and provide you with an opportunity to establish a rapport. According to reports, home sellers conduct less than three hours of research and hire the first agent they encounter. Be the first person they see in their email.

Videos for Social Media

Anybody can easily use a video maker to make attractive videos for social media. Posting real estate videos on social media to attract potential clients who are just starting their search or to sell a property throws a wide net.

Despite all the talk about how organic social media reach diminishes, most social algorithms strongly emphasize video. Instagram video postings, for example, have 38% higher interaction than non-video posts. The edge is 135 percent for Facebook videos.

Real estate video ideas for social media:

  • Videos of recently sold properties
  • Short video testimonials
  • Posts about behind the scene moments 
  • Quick videos to show your agent’s expertise 

Video testimonials from customers

Encourage your happy clients to do the talking for you by recording short customer testimonial films. Make it a habit to brief video interviews with buyers at critical moments in the buying process, such as when they make an offer when they close and six months after.

These videos don’t have to be professionally created. With a smartphone and a microphone, you can achieve a lot. Save all of these videos in a folder and, when you’re ready to market, combine them into a series of testimonials focused on topics like buying or selling.

Video tours of estates

To offer consumers a sense of the environment and the area’s flow, supplement your photos with a video tour. You may record personal tours and high-end virtual tours that will appear on the listing page. Walk around the site with your phone in hand, explaining the features you know the customer is most interested in.

Video profiles of realtors

People buy from people they like, and a 30-second “get to know you” clip can help you convey your personality and brand value. Place a link to the video and a thumbnail image of it in your email signature so that everyone may see it.

Real estate videos for education

Make buying easy for your clients by teaching them how to deal.

Post “Home Buying 101” videos for first-time homebuyers, in which you walk them through determining how much house they can afford, collecting several rate estimates, and repairing credit report errors

Over to you 

A video may lead to more answers, discussions, and faster closings in commercial and residential real estate. And how do you get started? That’s as easy as taking up your phone and tapping the record button.

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