Gross Sexual Imposition Alert! When Does It Occur?

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gross sexual imposition

Gross sexual imposition occurs when a sexual interaction occurs allegedly without the consent of a person. It occurs when the victim is not able to defend against sexual harassment. Sexual exploitation has several forms, and this one is also on the list that needs to be addressed properly. It is when someone takes advantage of the victim in an impaired condition, such as excessive alcohol consumption, over drugged, mentally impaired, or during medical treatments. Awareness can be the best tool to fight against this act of nefarious intentions. Let’s learn more. 

What Does The Term Mean? 

Gross sexual imposition is sexual behavior shown towards a person who is not a spouse in the relationship. Besides, it is done against the consent of a person. It occurs when the accused person tries to derive sensual pleasure from the victim, especially in situations where he/she is not able to resist. Minors of age below 13 years are the sufferers in most cases. Different countries have their particular rules, laws, and punishments for these heinous criminal offenses. 

gross sexual imposition


Different Conditions That Depicts The Occurrence Of Crime

If someone is accused of committing the gross sexual imposition crime, it depicts he/she must have done any of the below-listed sexual assault: 

  • The person allegedly charged for assaulting a person against their will. 
  • When the ability of a person to comprehend things taking place around is tempered by several means, such as alcohol or drugs.
  • It may also include the inability of the accused caused due to the medical surgery, diagnosis, or treatment. 
  • If the accused person of the crime tries to touch the genitals of the minor with an intent to harass them.
  • Forceful act or manipulations against minors below 13 years for physical pleasure. 
  • The sufferer gives consent due to lack of consciousness or inability to retreat, making oneself prone to gross sexual imposition. 
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Mental Health Assessment Of The Offenders

It is important to perform a mental health assessment of the accused person to fight against this crime related to sexual assault. The assessment and management of these people can prove helpful in understanding the tendencies that are elevating the number of cases every year. It takes consideration from the theories of literature. These subjects may include psychology, criminology, ethics, and several others to draw the conclusions on criminal intent behind these heinous crimes. These conclusions can be helpful in dealing with not just the criminals but the tendencies evoking these crimes. 

Punishments For This Crime

Gross sexual imposition can draw out several penalties and punishments based on the degree of the crime once the charge is proved. The offender may be sentenced to prison for several years for committing the crime. In addition, to the prison, he/she may have to pay a substantial sum of money as a penalty once convicted in court. Furthermore, the offender will be subjected to register as a sex offender for up to 15 years. 

If the victim is a minor who has weakened or impaired committing sexual harassment, then the punishment will be more severe. It is a serious crime, and the offender can have 5 years of imprisonment. Besides, it might require them to register as sex offenders for 25 years.

What Awareness Is Essential Against The Sexual Misconduct?

Exploitation and abuse are very common in the workplace and operations. It is a serious issue of society that constitutes the grounds for disciplinary actions. Besides, it is very difficult to analyze when a person can be vulnerable to gross sexual imposition and in what form. It is why worldwide awareness is crucial to tackling this burning issue of society. 

  • The engagement and awareness of the local community can play a crucial role in raising a battle against this cringeworthy behavior. 
  • Besides, people must be encouraged to report the incidents, which is very important to tame the crime. 
  • The authorities must tell the rights and entitlements of the people to them. 
  • Spreading awareness on what should be the right course of action to report such incidents can be crucial.
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Preventive Measures To Stop Gross Sexual Imposition

The following points can help prevent these incidents from the workplaces:

Employee’s Background Check

No employee must on-board to the workplace without a proper background check. If there is a criminal background or history of the employee, it must be familiar to the employer. Furthermore, if the former employer imposes any disciplinary action, it should be brought into the light. 

Training Programs Based On Preventive Measures

The training courses based on the preventive measures to protect oneself or colleagues against sexual exploitation should be provided to each employee. Besides, unfortunate incidents occur at the workplace. A victim must know how to report the incident in the right manner. 

Prompt Actions

It takes courage to admit or report sexual violence against the self. However, when the colleagues or staff are supportive and empowering, things will be different. Once the incident of gross sexual imposition is familiar to the employer, he/they should not delay any further and take prompt actions. If not, it can encourage the offenders to continue the act. 

Role Of The Community

The community-wide execution of the preventive steps can be the best armor against sexual exploitation and harassment. The involvement of the local people can be a true game-changer. When the community brings an incident to light, the authority also takes quick action. However, there must be an assurance from the system regarding the punishment of the offender after the confirmation of the conviction. It will restore the community’s faith in the authorities, and they can be more expressive against gross sexual imposition. 

Final Words 

Sexual exploitation is everywhere in one form or another. The need of the hour is to address these issues, spread awareness and stand as one against the offenders. Besides, there is a dire need for a reporting mechanism easily accessible to the victims that they can rely upon. Besides, the victim must have the facility to send direct messages to the senior authorities. It can help when the complaints remain fruitless at the lower-level officers. Again, standing as one against the offenders can eradicate this curse from our society. 


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