Google chrome Parental Control: Best parental control app

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Best parental control app

Kids use various types of devices like mobile phones, laptops, or tablets for internet purposes. As we know, the internet consists of all kinds of information. It also includes some sites that can spoil the innocent mind of your child. Websites that contain information about sex, drugs, or illicit alcohols can develop bad habits and cause several psychological issues. Many parent controller apps are available in the market these days. Due to this competition, parents often feel perplexed. They want to know which parental control app is the best, which can protect their child from any potential threat like kidnapping, cyber bullies, or digital abuse. The Google chrome Parental control app is the best parental control that enables parents to monitor their child’s internet activities and restrict access to specific sites that can prove harmful for their mind.

Features of Google chrome Parental Controls

  • Real-Time Location Features:-This parental control can track every movement of your child on a real-time basis. In this way, you can rest assured about your kid’s safety, especially when you are returning from School when you are at the office. The fear of the risk of kidnapping threats can be reduced if you use Google chrome Parental Control. 
  • Monitor the site of your Kid’s phone: – It is essential to know what type of websites is being accessed on your kid’s phone. Are they accessing any adult rated porn whenever they are alone at the house or not. This can be checked easily using Google chrome Parental Control. 
  • Give access to useful websites while block bad websites: – Bad sites are those websites that consist of information like drugs, alcohol, child pornography, sexual abuse, etc. You can restrict adult-rated contents using this efficient parental control app. This is not only this, but you can also give access to those websites that are good, which is not risky for them to access.
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How are kids vulnerable to various risks related to the internet?

  • Social Bullies: – Children love to make new friends on social media platforms like Face book and twitter. They do not even know the true identity or intension of the person they made friends recently and start sharing their pictures that can be uploaded on adult-rated sites, which can then be used for ransom for money. They also post several filthy or bad words on social media, which can trouble the minds of parents and children. 
  • Cybercrime: – Cyber crimes are increasing day by day. People use the internet for a variety of things. Some unscrupulous minds use it for cybercrime like child pornography and sexual abuse. These things can traumatize your child, and to prevent your child from any danger, you can use Google chrome Parental Control. 
  • Kidnapping: – If you consider a time span of a decade or so, the cases of child kidnapping have increased many times. Kids who are at school are more vulnerable to kidnapping while on roads. Parents are often worried about their safety and fear of the child being kidnapped for ransom or vengeance. 
  • Sexual chats: – Kids often use dating apps to chat with girls on the internet. They chat with these strangers for a long time, which kills their precious time and hampers their study and performance during examination.

Google Parental control app can easily be downloaded and installed. It can impose restrictions on accessing specific websites that can potentially harm the innocent minds of kids. This app can be used in any mobile devices like smart phones or tablet. These apps can also restrict the access of apps, especially time-consuming gaming apps or dating apps used for sexting or sexual chats.

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Best parental control app