GogoPDF Tools: 3 Functions That You Can Access Anywhere

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Gogo PDF Tools

With GogoPDF, you can use its tools to convert, rotate, and edit PDF files. Aside from the mentioned function, you can use it to merge, compress, repair, protect, unlock, or even split your PDF documents. With this guide, we will instruct you on converting, rotating, and editing your documents. So here’s a list of GogoPDF functions you can access anywhere.

PDF Converter

People would use PDFs to send and reliably receive information. PDF is more comfortable to edit and convert, but there are times that it might not satisfy your needs. At some point, you have to turn your PDF documents into PPT, Word, Excel JPG file format. Manually copying your document’s content into another file format is time-consuming; that’s why you need to use this tool from GogoPDF.

This web-based feature is available to make the conversion process easier for anyone. People only need to upload their files, and this function will perform the rest. GogoPDF is several functions combined into one website.  Rather than hopping to different websites to convert your PDFs into various file formats, this online service is an all in one site. So here’s the straightforward process of converting your documents using the PDF converter free online tool:

  1. Choose the PDF file and bring it to the converting bar.
  2. The conversion tool will extract and scan your file.
  3. Wait for the process to take place.
  4. Please save the file to your computer or share it with any social media accounts.
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Rotate PDF

If you have files in an upside, sideways, or down position, you might need to use this function. Rather than returning that file to the person who sent it, you can just rotate it using the Rotate PDF tool of GogoPDF. It’s a handy tool to use if you are in a rush and your boss or classmate wants you to rotate any file for a project or presentation.

Transform any awkwardly angled document from your computer, upload, or drag the file into the rotate bar. Make the needed editing to the document and download the restored PDF to your device. If you want to know the process step by step, here’s how you can do it:

  1. Choose the file you wish to rotate. Get it from a desktop or bring the document into the rotate bar.
  2. Start rotating the PDF document. Do the things you need to do.
  3. Apply the changes.
  4. Download the file to your PC or share 

Edit PDF

Another handy and convenient feature if you want to edit your PDF documents. With this GogoPDF function, you can easily remove or add text and images without bumping into problems.

You only need to choose the document from your gadget or drag it into the website’s conversion bar. From there, do the required corrections and adjustments to your file. After that, you start using the newly edited document or save it to any device. With that, here’s how you can edit your PDFs using GogoPDF:

  1. Upload the PDF file that you need to edit from your device into the edit bar.
  2. The function will start processing your file.
  3. Adjust the file the way you want it. Delete or add drawings, shapes, images, or texts.
  4. Download, then save the edited PDF document to your computer or other devices. You can also share it using your social media account.
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Now that you know how to use some tools of GogoPDF, you need to start using them for your work, project, or school. GogoPDF won’t disappoint its users because it’s safe, secure, and anyone can access its features without spending their money.

GogoPDF Tools