This is Why People Want to Get More Tattoo during COVID-19

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The last years have been marked by a rise of tattoos, from rib tattoos to wrist ones. Your body is a canvas, says Michael Z., tattoo expert at The reason why people are getting more tattoos is a subject of discussion and analysis. They arouse the interest of many people during the last few months which have been marked by the spread of coronavirus. The world pandemic forced governments around the world to take measures to limit the spread of this deadly virus.

And so, almost all countries imposed lockdown measures, forcing people to spend all their time inside. When your life is so abruptly changed, you start questioning aspects of your life or your behavior. During these months when scientists and doctors are trying to face the challenges posed by the virus, people began being more introspective. They started looking inwards and exploring philosophical concepts such as the meaning of life and happiness. People started getting to know themselves better and this process can have only positive effects on their relationships, way of living the life, and wellbeing.

This pandemic and the quarantine that followed urged people to look more inside and become aware of the things important for them. And so, the idea of getting a tattoo became more real in the minds of some people, who maybe didn’t even think about getting more tattoos before. Luckily for most beginners, the professionals from Savage Tattooist offered enough information on the process and appropriate aftercare. 

So, why do people are getting more tattoos now than before? Has the world pandemic something to do with it?

Dealing with Negative Feelings

Even though some people saw lockdown as something they were looking for, others experienced intense negative feelings. When your habits and lifestyle are brought to a halt, you experience huge distress. And this distress along with other negative emotions create an environment where anxiety and depression can develop. You no longer can meet with your friends or family, there is always the fear of getting infected, and your job productivity is low.

There are people who lost their dear ones to this pandemic, and the death of someone close to you changes your life. These experiences help you grow and develop because they hurt. You would want to remember important moments or people in your life, so getting a tattoo becomes a viable option.

Tattoos help you keep a memory forever on your skin. They help you remember key events, people, or mass movements. They keep you permanently connected with things that inspired and motivated you. And because the world pandemic is mostly described by negative feelings and emotions, getting a tattoo is one way to deal with them.

COVID-19 changes the lives of all people on Earth and some of them decide to mark this moment on their skin. Everyone lives these moments differently, but everyone has learned something from them. And it is exactly this important moment in people’s lives that motivates them to get a tattoo.

People are now more aware of their thoughts and behaviors and how all these can impact their perspective on the world. Negative emotions are normal and no one should run away from them because they are an important part of the emotional system people have. But finding ways to deal with them and handle difficult moments is something everyone is looking for.

Tattoos seem to be the answer for some people. Thinking of some lyrics, words, or even a drawing that remembers yourself about your strength and power to overcome difficulties and having them with you forever fosters growth. People grow mentally, spiritually, and emotionally when they decide to get a tattoo. And they do this every time they look at their tattoo and remember about the past.

According to the reports of some best paper writing services, getting more tattoos as a form of coping with negative feelings and emotions helps people handle them better in the future. It is the perfect reminder that inspires them to go further and keep them motivated. Because if they managed to do it in the past, they will be able to do it in the future too.

Some people might have gone through more difficult times with the pandemic. They might have lost their jobs or someone dear to them. Usually, these events come with a lot of grief, and tattoos are ways of relieving this grief.

A Form of Expression

Tattoos are works of art and the body is the canvas. They are forms of expression, of relieving a part of yourself and your past. Usually, there are exactly these stressful and painful moments the world pandemic came with that urged people to get tattoos. There are exactly these moments of transformations and changes that are expressed in an artistic way through tattoos.

Wanting to express what you have gone through with a tattoo on your skin is something more people looked after during COVID-19. And it is not only about wanting to have a memory with you forever. It is the fact that in this chaos, that tattoo is like an oasis of tranquility.

Tattoos are works of art that keep you with your feet on the ground. They help you express your inner feelings in an artistic way that will always remind you about these times. Your life is a journey of transformation, evolution, and improvement and tattoos remind you about this learning journey.

The pandemic also helped most people to successfully go on a quest for self-discovery and get a sense of being significant. And the art of tattooing has stood apart as a unique mix of everything that inspires someone. Most people used tattoos during the covid pandemic to reflect who they are and show their passion for the values that celebrate individuality.

With the pandemic robbing people of their loved ones, businesses, and jobs, most people choose to use tattoos to represent new beginnings. One of the downsides of the pandemic was the lockdown that led to a rise in mental issues. And to help deal with depression, most people turned to art, which has a way of tugging on creativity. 

Mass Movements

The year 2020 was not only marked by the coronavirus pandemic, but also by the birth of important mass movements. Black Lives Matter is one of them and it draws attention to the discrimination against black people, which resulted in the death of George Floyd or Breonna Taylor. The police brutality and violence against black people made the BLM movement more popular around the world.

Although the preciousness of life isn’t to be questioned, it’s unfortunate that people have had to protest to get notice from the media and everyone else. Many people went out protesting and this became an international movement, just as Fridays for Future did. Tattoos are a way of expressing emotions and many people decided to get tattoos inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement. Tattoos such as “I can’t breathe”, “breathe” or other drawn models will always remember people about this important year.

Tattoos are ways of expressing your emotions and feelings externally, while you try to understand and be more aware of what happens internally. These tattoos have been a representation symbol for most and show that the black community is standing up for themselves. All the different tattoos show that although the system might be set up to fail black people, there’s still hope for change in the future. 

Therapeutic Purpose

2020 is the year that can easily be described by negative events and emotions. Getting a tattoo can also have a therapeutic purpose. Tattoos are with your forever, so when you get one, it has a personal significance. It reminds you of an important event or part of your life, and whenever you take a look at it, it will bring back memories.

Its therapeutic power resides in the fact that you mark a milestone on your skin. As time passes, you grow and develop. And being aware of key transformations in your life is something that helps you observe your progress and be connected to your inner world.

The pandemic leading to more people feeling lonely, experiencing loss and hardships, getting a tattoo, and having an extra person to talk to freely has provided solace. And since the pandemic led to restrictions, the process became more intimate as family or friends couldn’t join in. 

Tattoo artists around the world have noticed a decrease in trendy tattoos such as waves, infinity signs, or travel accessories. People now are more interested in getting a tattoo that has some personal meaning, not that is just trendy. And it may be exactly this well-thought tattoo that helps people deal with stressful times. Tattoos have a therapeutic purpose because they remind of evolution and transformation.


Getting more tattoos are big decisions and many more people have decided to get one during COVID-19. The times before were marked by a rise in trendy tattoos which was noticed to increase during the world pandemic. As it came with a lot of introspection time and changes, people want to remember these key moments forever. Tattoos also represent ways of dealing with negative feelings and emotions, handling challenges, and expressing yourself through art. They help you be inspired by your past you forever. They heal you. Because this artistic display of your inner world will always work as a reminder of your growth.

This is Why People Want to Get More Tattoo during COVID-19