Getting A Tattoo: 8 Popular Tattoo Styles For All The Time

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Popular Tattoo Styles

The best thing about the modern tattoo is that it has the best artist and art forms. No matter if you’re looking for something traditional and classic or modern art like colourful tattoos. There will be a talented artist out there to help you in getting yourself inked. Here are some popular tattoo styles all the time.

You might be getting confused about the tattoo’s if you’re getting them for the first time. Different questions like which style will suit you, or how each design and style is different from the other? Well, in this blog, you’ll be able to read about the different styles of tattoo for all the time which ranges from the traditional art style to brand new modern styles. 

  1. Lettering

Lettering tattoos are also famous as script tattoos. This type of Popular Tattoo Styles uses your name to make a design and it is the most common style choose. You can also ink your favourite quote, song lyrics, inspirational word, slogan or passage from your favourite novel or poem. While getting a script tattoo it’s essential to check the spellings. Some special fonts which are perfect for tattoos are

  • Sugar cane
  • Setting Fires
  • Soft whispering
  • Fearless
  • Mardian pro
  • Fette fraktur

2. Geometrical

To create a geometrical tattoo basic geometric shapes are used. Geometrical shapes which are used in this style are from minimalistic to detailed and it comes in a wide range of subject. The shapes are usually combined using linework which creates tricky patterns. The most popular pattern at present is “Mandalas”. The patterns which are shown in mandalas is representing the universe and different things in it. There are many different geometrical styles which you can ink, such as, 

  • Flower
  • Colourful
  • Shell
  • Half sleeve
  • Animal
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3. Tribal

Tribal tattoos are also known as indigenous body art and it is the oldest in body art. It contains bold black line to black shade the design. It is done by using a traditional handmade tool. This style is extremely painful and time-consuming. If you go to a modern artist, they will use a combo of modern and traditional tools for inking you. There are 7 different types of tribal tattoo such as

  • Samoan animal abstract styles
  • Maori face tattoo
  • Celtic cross and knots
  • Iban’s floral-inspired motifs
  • Mayan and Aztec deities
  • Eye of Horus
  • Modern tribal tattoo 

4. Religious

Religious tattoos are the most popular type of ink but it has different meanings in different religious traditions. If you ink god’s tattoo, you will remember them every now and then. It will be with you all the time of the day for all your life. There are different and Popular Tattoo Styles such as, 

  • Buddha tattoo
  • Egyptian God
  • American traditional
  • Cute angel tattoo
  • Jesus and candle 
  • Angel wings
  • Hamsa hand 

5. Dotwork

It is the most patient and disciplined form of art. It is made using individual tiny dots that forms a painfully delicate and detailed design. Many artists use the poke-and-stick method, which means it uses a single needle to apply rather than a traditional gun. It is often found in geometric and religious pieces but it only consists of grey and black ink. The best example for Dotwork is Mandala flower.

6. Abstract

If speaking about modern art tattoos, abstract stands first. ‘Abstract’ is a fairly vague term, of course, so let’s break down a bit further. The main styles that fall under this term are watercolour tattoos. They are very delicate yet very vibrant. Some of the common abstract arts include

  • Flowers
  • Birds
  • Animals
  • Splash
  • Minimal
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7. Old School

It is referring to the American traditional style of tattooing. It was started back in the 18th century but skyrocketed in the late 1950s. During that particular era, the tattoo industry went through massive social, artistic and technological changes. The subjects that matter in old schooling include, 

  • Intense black lines
  • Anchors
  • Ships
  • Skulls
  • Roses
  • Swallows
  • Minimal colour palette

8. New school

The final style that you will learn is new schooling tattoos. This style of tattooing was famous in year 1970s and since then it is very much popular. Only this style is extremely vibrant which uses different colours combination to add some dramatic proportions and give life to cartoonish features. It takes inspirations from comics, graffiti and old school tattoos. It is also very social media-friendly even for designs you can check out Instagram and Pinterest. Different designs include are 

  • Hip hop theme
  • Bubble lettering
  • Graffiti tattoos
  • Sea creatures
  • Jagged edges
  • Fantasy

Bottom line

Just like other art forms, popular tattoo styles also comes into different styles and forms. Choose a tattoo according to your taste, style and reason to get one. But sometimes not all artist knows to ink each art form, so you need to pick the perfect tattoo parlour. At the time of taking an appointment check whether that artist provides the artwork which you need. 

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