Genuine Leather Jackets – How to Find The Right One for You?

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Find Genuine Leather Jackets

Leather happens to be one of the finest materials for manufacturing goods like furniture, other accessories, and, most importantly – jackets. Since leather jackets have gone in fashion, they have managed to create quite a fandom of their own – that becomes one of the many reasons every individual wants to grab one for himself. When it comes to especially leather jackets, it seems like the market has adopted a bad habit of selling faux and synthesized leather jackets to replace the original ones. Get to know more about ethical leather products offered by Moonster Leather. Make sure to read this article completely to know how to find genuine leather jackets.

However, we are here to help. 

Lately, no matter how carefully the amendments are done to the original leather jacket, there are still numerous ways that you can grab the genuine one out for yourself. 

With that being said, our experts have narrowed down some of the profound factors below that will help you pick the best leather jacket for yourself and provide you with an experience worth remembering! 

Hence, without any further ado, let’s take a dive to see what this guide comes hidden with! 

1. Have a good look at the edges 

Every leather lover out there must be aware of each and every aspect of genuine leather. And having said that, an individual can differentiate between an original and fake leather jacket by looking at small details – such as the edges. 

The leather jackets that are textured and manufactured with Faux or synthetic leather would be portraying perfect, clean, and smooth edges on the entire Jacket. However, this isn’t the case in real leather jackets

Usually, jackets made up of authentic leather always consist of coarse edges that come in handy with rough roundness at every edge. 

Though most famous brands try to provide much smoother edges in the jackets, the real ones can still be identified pretty easily. 

2. Feel the leather 

Wearing leather jackets happens to prevail among the top fashion trends of 2021. And when you are one of the people who’s preparing to capture the stare of the people, then it becomes more important for you to get your hands on a genuine leather jacket. 

For people who have zero experience with leather jackets and lowkey want something profound for them, this is the easiest way to figure out a genuine leather jacket for yourself. 

The leather jacket that comprises good quality leather would always provide you with a smooth and warm feeling which faux or synthesized leather fails to deliver. 

Therefore, the smoother the touch feels, the more profound the leather jacket is! 

3. Run a quick water absorbance test 

This factor is one of the most neglected ones when people visit stores to buy the perfect leather jacket for themselves. 

A person needs to realize the fact that they are paying a hefty amount for a leather jacket. Hence it becomes obligatory for them to go through even the minor details. 

Every individual must know that genuine leather comes in handy with a unique ability to absorb water, as it comprises pores in it. 

Whenever some water drops would be poured on a genuine leather jacket, the material would absorb the water, and as a result, a dark patch will be created at the sprayed area. 

The patch remains the same until the water evaporates. So far, this water absorbance test here is the best technique to identify real leather.  

And by reading this point, we don’t really think that now you would have any problem getting your hand on your viable pick. 

All you need to do is drop some water, check for the dark patch, and Boom! The results would be in front of you instantly! 

4. Have a glance over the patterns on the Jacket 

On the odds that you haven’t got a history with leather material and are hunting for the best and genuine leather jacket, we believe that this point here has got you covered. 

The faux or synthesized leather jacket, which is crafted and textured with the help of a machine, comprises asymmetrical texture patterns over it. 

However, when we talk about the texture patterns present over the genuine leather, you would observe that the rituals there would be uneven, unique, and contain numerous variations in between – that too in one single piece. 

Want to know the reason behind this variation of pattern? 

A genuine leather jacket always looks somewhat distressed and full of grains because it’s natural. 

With that being said, before getting your hands on your best leather jacket, consider having a glance over the texture patterns as well! 

5. Sniff the leather 

Smelling or sniffing the leather jacket happens to be another unique way one can find whether the leather they are buying for themselves is the right one for them. 

The fragrance that you may witness from a real leather jacket would be somewhat natural and organic. The smell would be kind of fresh and unique in its own way. 

However, the fragrance that most artificial leather jackets give off usually has an unpleasant smell of chemicals and plastic, making it much easier for the buyer to differentiate between a genuine leather jacket and an artificial one. 

According to our experts, once you get a chance to smell the real leather, that particular scent would be recognizable, as it would be pretty unique. 

Hence, above all the necessary factors, you should include this factor here in your priority list. 

6. Quickly have a look at the price tag. 

If you ask us, “What happens to be the most common mistake people make while buying a perfect leather jacket for themselves,” then the first thing we will tell you will be that “most people get manipulated by price tags.” 

Didn’t get our point? No worries, let us put in a much easier elaboration for you. 

What tends to be the biggest difference between a genuine and a local leather jacket is the price it comes for. As leather itself is a premium and most beloved clothing material, anything that’s made up with leather happens to be expensive. 

If you visit a leather jacket outlet and find leather jackets to be highly affordable there, then there are high chances that those leather jackets would be made up of synthetic material. 

This material usually doesn’t last long and doesn’t provide immense value to the buyer’s money. 

Hence, while getting your hand on the best pick, this is the factor that you simply can’t overlook! 

Final Word 

While wrapping it all up, the tips and tricks that we have enriched you here would surely prove fruitful for you to differentiate between genuine and fake leather jackets. 

If it’s hard for you to remember every detail, here’s a quick revision for you. A genuine leather jacket is highly durable and expensive. 

Though most genuine leather jackets don’t seem to be attractive and eye-catching at first sight, once you wear them, you would simply become fond of the warmth and comfort it provides to the wearer. 

No matter how costly genuine leather is for you, you still need to know that a good leather jacket is only a one-time investment that will keep repaying you for undefined years. 

With that being said, what are you waiting for? Grab the best leather jacket for you now! 

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