FuboTV Cost, Pricing Plans, and Add-On Options

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FuboTV cost

If you want to know about the FuboTV cost for its several plans and add-on services, read this post until the end. Initially, this live streaming platform was launched for soccer. 

However, later it turned to be a more traditional live streaming service. Today, the platform offers 360-degree sports coverage. Recently FuboTV added the ESPN family of channels. Above all, its channel line-up has entertainment for all tastes and age groups.

In the beginning, it’s main focus was streaming sports. Later, it started adding more non-sport channels to its different plans and packages. An affordable FobuTV cost offers a comprehensive list of the channels that include NFL Network, NBA TV, Discovery channel properties, and wide coverage of Viacom’s Entertainment channels. Furthermore, it has numerous Disney owned channels such as ABC, ABC News Live, Disney Channel, Disney Junior, ACC Network, FX, FXX, and National Geographic.

Salient Features of FuboTV

Before discussing the FuboTV cost, let’s throw a look at its salient features:

Cloud DVR

A cloud DVR is one of the most popular features for live TV streaming services these days. FuboTV’s cloud DVR acts as a stand-alone DVR. Besides, it also offers a limited amount of storage available. You can get the base package of 30 hours of DVR storage. However, you can upgrade the plan for 500 hours of the DVR recording by paying an additional $10 per month.

The cloud storage of a 30-hour limit is sufficient for most of the users when managed carefully. It can help you to keep your recordings for an unlimited time. The feature is supported on iOS devices, Apple TV, and Roku devices.

Multiple Streams

Another important feature of FuboTV is two streams at the same time. When you upgrade to Family Plan for an additional FuboTV cost of $5 per month, it gives you the freedom to enjoy three simultaneous streams. Above all, the upgrade also offers you the DVR space to record 500 hours. The two additional features would normally cost $16 per month above the base package, which is not a bad deal.

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4K Content

FuboTV offers the most 4K content than any live TV streaming service can. 4K content is most popular for enjoying live sporting events. However, FuboTV is the first live streaming platform to offer 4K content for the non-sports channels. It streamed BBC America’s Seven Worlds, One Planet, narrated by Sir David Attenborough, throughout January and February 2020 in 4K. Besides, it is planning for more 4K content in the future. FuboTV cost-effectiveness adds a cherry on the cake.

Startover Feature

If you want to watch a game from the beginning, then the Startover feature of FuboTV can help. This feature can help you to jump back to the beginning of the game. However, this feature is available with only a few channels. This feature is supported on various devices such as iOS, Android, Apple TV, and Roku devices. Furthermore, the FuboTV website with more devices set to gain support.                                                                                       

FuboTV Cost for Different Plans

Some of the main Fubo TV’s plans come with a free trial period of one week. The FuboTV cost for different plans is stated in the below-given list:

Standard plan

In the first place, let’s discuss the standard plan of FuboTV cost. It is $59.99 a month, for which you can get more than 100 channels. Furthermore, you can also access two simultaneous streams and 30 hours of cloud-based DVR.

Fubo Extra

Fubo Extra plan will cost you $5.99 a month. It gives you access to additional 44 channels on top of that.

Family Plan

The Family Plan of the FuboTV will cost you $64.99 for a month. This plan makes it accessible to 109 channels, 250 hours of cloud-based DVR, and three streams at once.

Family Play with Showtime

If you want a Family Play with Showtime plan, then the FuboTV cost is $69.99 a month. This plan offers you seamless entertainment with the content in HD quality.

Elite Plan

The Elite Plan of the FuboTV costs you $79.99 a month. In return, you can get 153 channels, five simultaneous streams, and Fubo Extra 1,000 hours of cloud-based DVR.

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Fubo Español

In the end, Fubo Español costs $29.99 a month. It will unleash 32 Spanish-language channels with 250 hours of cloud DVR and two streams at once.

FuboTV Add-Ons to Get Extended Advantages in Less Cost

Below are some main add-ons from FuboTV plan pricing that can help you to watch additional channels for fewer prices. Let’s find out:

International Sports Plus: 

The FuboTV cost for the International Sports Plus add-on is $7 per month. It will enable you to get various channels such as Fox Soccer Plus, Fox Deportes, Zona Futbol, Gol TV English, Gol TV Spanish, ESPN HD Deportes, TyC Sports, Eleven Sports, and several others. 

Adventure Plus:

The Adventure plan from FuboTV will cost you $5 per month. This add-on will provide you with several channels such as Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, Outside TV, World Fishing Network, MAV TV, and Insight TV.

Fubo Cycling Plan: 

The cost of the Fubo Cycling plan is $12 per month. Subscribing to the Fubo Cycling add-on, you can see the channels like Fox Soccer Plus, Gol TV English, Chelsea TV, TyC Sports, and Gol TV Spanish.

Latino Plus:

You can get access to Latino Plus plan for $20 per month. In this add-on, you can get the following channels: Fox Deportes, Zona Futbol, ESPN HD Deportes, Discovery en Espanol, Gol TV Spanish, TyC Sports, and Cini Sony.

Other Add-Ons

You can harvest the benefits of AMC with an additional FuboTV cost of $5 per month. If you love to watch Latino content, then this add-on can be accessed by paying $25 per month. RAI Italia add-on is available for $8 per month. For the TVMonde add-on, you need to pay $10 per month. Furthermore, the FuboTV cost for Portuguese Plus is $15 per month.

You can choose a suitable plan as per your specific needs and interests. Besides, you can subscribe to a suitable add-on for extended entertainment at a lower price. The FobuTV cost for amazing family packages gives you the freedom to choose the best for you. Enjoy the HD channels and stay in touch with us for more blog posts.

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