Five Types of Essays Every Student Should Know How to Write

by in Tattoo

Writing essays is an essential skill for students, as mastering the various types helps to express unique ideas and creative thoughts. Knowing how to write different types of essays is all a part of becoming an educated, rounded individual – and yet, the five main types of essays remain the most commonly used. While travel diaries, journals, and even fictional stories are also essays, the five types discussed below remain the most commonly used forms of essays.

These five main types of essays are: descriptive, narrative, expository, argumentative, and conclusion. Below is a brief overview of each of the five types, and some tips on how to write each effectively.

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Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay is focused on providing an in-depth description of a particular topic, such as a person, place, or event. This essay type relies heavily on the use of words to provide vivid details that bring the topic to life for the reader. With the help of a custom coursework writing service, you can be sure to get the results that you need.

Tips on How to Write a Descriptive Essay:

  • Focus on the five senses when creating details about the topic
  • Choose vivid words that describe the topic in great detail
  • Utilize metaphors and similes to better bring the topic to life
  • Bring the topic to life, focusing on the emotions a reader should experience while reading

Narrative Essay

A narrative essay is focused on telling a story. This can be a story from the author’s life or a fictional story, but the main focus should be the plot and character development. The author should have the ability to invoke emotion in the reader, making them feel as if they’re a part of the story.

Tips on How to Write a Narrative Essay:

  • Write in first or third person
  • Create vivid, detailed descriptions of the setting and characters
  • Focus on character development and create suspense
  • Choose words carefully and develop an engaging, active voice

Expository Essay

An expository essay is an essay type that focuses on providing the reader with information. This can be done through providing historical background, explanations of an event or a process, or details on a particular topic. The goal is to present factual information in a way that teaches the reader something new.

Tips on How to Write an Expository Essay:

  • Be clear and concise
  • Provide clear definitions for terms and concepts
  • Create an engaging introduction
  • Use facts, anecdotes, and examples to illustrate the point being made
  • Always cite reliable sources

Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is focused on taking a stance on a particular issue or topic and convincing the reader to agree with the argument. This can be done by providing facts, logical arguments, and expert opinions. It is important for the author to remain unbiased while they present their argument.

Tips on How to Write an Argumentative Essay:

  • Develop a strong thesis statement
  • Research the topic thoroughly
  • Present both sides of the argument
  • Choose precise words and phrases
  • Cite reliable sources to build a stronger argument


Writing essays helps to build confidence in oneself and strengthen one’s writing ability. Knowing how to effectively write each type of essay can help a student to become more knowledgeable and well-rounded. It is important for students to understand the five different types of essays, as knowledge of each type is essential when writing college level essays. The five different types of essays discussed above are just some of the many types of essays a student will have to write in order to receive good grades in school.