First Time to Rent on Airbnb: 6 Things to Ask Your Host before Booking

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Rent on Airbnb

It seems easy to rent an apartment on Airbnb: you look at the photos, read the descriptions, and then you book. But when you move in, you find the apartment is on the fifth floor with no elevator, the neighborhood is noisy, there’s no hot water, and there are rodents and cockroaches inside. Rent on Airbnb-

Here are questions to ask the landlord before booking.

What Time Can You Move in- Rent on Airbnb?

In order not to wait for check-in with suitcases in their hands in a foreign country, it is better to agree on the time of arrival with the owner before booking. The ad indicates the specific hours of arrival or write that the time is flexible.

Often it is possible to agree on a convenient time in both cases. But if the time is not convenient, and the owner of the apartment insists on his/her choice, it is better to find another option.

On What Floor Is the Apartment- Rent on Airbnb?

In older cities, it is more convenient to rent an apartment in the center: you can reach historic sites on foot, there are cafes and restaurants nearby. But such houses often do not have elevators, and it is difficult to climb to the fifth floor after a long walk. If you take a lot of things with you, it will also be uncomfortable to check in. Farther away from the center, there won’t be such a problem: modern high-rise buildings have elevators.

Clarify the floor before booking. If the apartment is located on a high floor, ask if there is an elevator, and if it works. Also do not book an apartment on a high floor if you have a fear of heights. Panic can start even in the lift, and it will be scary to look out the window.

Is Everything Available and Does Everything Work?

The ad usually lists what amenities are available in the home. For example, kitchen, washing machine, Wi-Fi.

Many owners have been renting for years and don’t update their listings if things change. On the spot, it may turn out that the hot water is turned off, the Wi-Fi is unstable, the washing machine is broken, and there are only the essentials of toiletries. As a result, travelers cannot only open their online ¬†accounts but also have a shower after a long day outdoors.

In order not to encounter such a situation, it is better to confirm in advance that the information is up to date. The question to the owner is better formulated as follows: “The ad says that the terrace is open, is this relevant?”

If you need a stable Wi-Fi, it is worth asking what speed it has and if there are no restrictions on downloading content. If you plan to cook at home, it’s important to know that the stove and refrigerator work. If you will be staying for a long time, find out if the washing machine is working properly, if there are no water outages, if there are no plans to turn off the water. If the water is cut off, is there a boiler and how many liters. This is important when the apartment is rented by more than two people. If you were planning to move in with a child, and it is stated in the ad that there is a crib, it is also desirable to confirm this information.

It is also important to ask if the apartment corresponds to the photos. Sometimes it happens that the accommodation is worse than the photos, and sometimes this is stated in the reviews. If the photos are inaccurate, it is worth looking at other options.

How Safe and Quiet Is the Neighborhood?

The descriptions don’t always tell you about the neighborhood. There may be a restaurant porch that is open late at night or a nightclub under the windows. You have to ask the owner how quiet the neighborhood is. If not, whether the windows are soundproof.

Don’t take your word for it, but read the reviews of Airbnb users.

The landlord may answer that the place is quiet. But the map will show that there is a train station, streetcar tracks and road nearby.

The photos and descriptions can also make it unclear if the neighborhood is safe. For example, next to the house will be construction or abandoned buildings. In such places, there are often a lot of hooligans, a high percentage of thefts and incidents with the police.

In order not to settle in such a neighborhood, it is better to ask questions to the owner and check the reviews. You can look up the address on a map and “walk around the neighborhood”. This will help you get a better idea of the neighborhood.

How and by What Means Do They Clean Before Moving in?

Often in ads they write that they carry out so-called advanced cleaning. That means not just taking out the garbage and wiping up dust, but also vacuuming and washing all the rooms.

Are There Personal Belongings of the Owner in the Apartment?

Often owners rent out individual rooms or entire apartments when they go on vacation or business trips. In such a dwelling, there may be an old chest of drawers or a closet with other people’s belongings, someone else’s photographs, or furniture that you can’t sit on.

If there are a lot of things, they clutter up the space. For example, such apartments look authentic and even cozy, but it is not clear where to put your own things and whether you can touch someone else’s.

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