Faux Stained Glass, Types, And Making Procedure

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Faux stained glass

If faux stained glass is a new term for you, then you can gather some important knowledge from this post. It is basically a cheaper version of the stained glass that looks ravishing yet fades with time. However, there are several advantages of these glasses in your home decor and other decorative purposes. There are different methods to make this imitation stained glass we will discuss in this post. Besides, you can make it at your home and save a bundle for yourself, as stained glasses come at really high prices. Read the full post to learn more about faux stained glass. 

What Is Faux Stained Glass? 

Faux stain glass is the imitation of stained glass. It is a cheap alternative for stained glasses, which is why people buy them for various decorative purposes. Besides, they are of different types based on the materials used in making them, such as glass paints, colored paper, and colored films. The stained glasses are so expensive. If you are looking for cheaper alternatives, faux glasses have got you covered. Besides, you can make them at your home and get the stained glass-like look with the least investment. However, as they are cheaper, they will certainly have different properties as compared to stained glasses. 

Faux stained glass

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Difference Between Stained And Faux Glasses

There is a huge difference between the prices of the two different types of glasses. It makes the fact obvious that they will depict the different characteristic features. Indeed! Check the below-given differences: 

1: Making process

The process of making stained glasses is intricate and time-taking. It takes a lot of skills, time, and effort. Not everyone can make it without mastering this art. Contrarily, faux stained glass is easy to make and takes less time. You can make it to your home comfort with the utmost ease. Besides, you can make faux glass in several ways; therefore, you can choose the best one based on your convenience. 

2: Cost

The cost of the stained glasses is way more than the faux glasses or window tint. The reasons are very obvious. The intricate nature of the stained glasses makes them look captivating and gives your home decor a legit appearance. On the other hand, faux glasses are affordable and can imitate legit glasses to a great extent. 

3: Life 

The original one guarantees a greater life of the product. On the other hand, faux stained glass is not as durable as stained glass. It loses its color with time; however, you can color them again or retain their original form in less time and effort. 

Types Of A Faux Stained Glass

After having proper knowledge about the faux glasses, let’s see what their types that you can ake at your home are: 

1: Glass Paints

The first method of making faux glass is by using glass paints. You can order a set of the glass paint colors and just paint it right away on the glass. This is a fun way to give it a look you want to give it. Besides, you can also take the ideas from the Internet and try to embellish the glass with the same. It is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to paint glass. All it takes is a set of eye-capturing colors and willingness to perform the task. Most importantly, you need to enjoy this process when doing it. 

faux stained glass

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Making Procedure

Following the below-given steps, you can easily make faux stained glass at home: 

  • First of all, you need to clean the glass thoroughly and then ensure that it is properly dried. 
  • Next, outline the shape or image with a black marker on the glass. It can be anything of your choice. If you have an obsession with any shape, just draw it out. The simple way to do it is by making it on a piece of paper. Then you can place it down the transparent glass and then highlight it on the glass.
  • Once the layout is ready, you are all set to spread the magic with your glass colors. 
  • Practice well on a different surface if you are afraid of applying the color directly on the glass. 
  • Now that you are prepared, apply the colors with the utmost care and attention, and it will give you the joy of coloring when painting the glass. 

2: Colored Paper

Colored paper is also an effective way to make faux glasses. You can outline and paint your desired design on paper for your glass. Alternatively, you can get a wide range of the color, texture, and designs of the papers online to be used for making the faux glass. Once the order is received, you can get started with the making procedure. 

faux stained glass

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Making Procedure

Below are the steps you have to follow to yield the final product using this method: 

  • First of all, you need to have all the stuff ready with you, such as a black sheet of paper, scissors, black tape, tracing paper, and colors. 
  • Now trace your favorite pattern on the tracing paper and cut the black sheets accordingly. 
  • Now apply the pains and paste it on the glass using the tapes. And you are done! 

3: Colored Sheets

Colored sheets are thin translucent sheets of plastic that can be used effectively in making a faux stain glass. The best part about these films is that they are glossy and can fit well with the glass. Besides, they are not permanent, so you can easily replace them in case of an error or damage to the films. 

faux stained glass

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Making Procedure

Making the imitation stained sheet with the help of colored films is a simple and straightforward process:

  • First of all, you need to trace out the designs on the sheets. 
  • Once you are done, cut the films according to the shapes you have traced. 
  • After that, you can paste them on the glass with the help of the tape to give it a final look. 

Final Words! 

In this post, you can read out about faux stained glass, its different types. Besides, you can also understand how it is different from stained glass and what makes it so inexpensive. Furthermore, you can also find handy procedures to make it on your own with absolute ease. If you like to learn more craft ideas, make a visit to our blog section and navigate through your favorite categories. 


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