Exploring the Various Types of Chewing Gum

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Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is common for various reasons, including killing boredom, fresh breath and flavor.  It is also an ancient practice for strengthening facial structures. Fitness fanatics and actors favor chewing gum to improve their jawlines. It builds masseter muscles, with most individuals experiencing results within a few months. 

If you are ready to try chewing gum to improve your jawline, you may get lost in the options. For example, if you have read the Jawliner gum review, you may wonder if it is real. So we have created this comprehensive guide to various chewing gums. We have also detailed how they will help you to achieve a strong and attractive jawline.

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Traditional Gum

Traditional or regular gum is the most popular type of chewing gum. It is available in coated pellets, sticks and tablets. Its base consists of resin, wax, and elastomer. Resin provides chewability, while wax and elastomer offer softening and flexibility. 

Regular Gum for a Strong Jawline Explained

Regular gum is not common for strong jawlines. It is hence ideal for beginners to exercise their jawlines. It allows them to start the endeavour before increasing intensity by adding more pieces.

 Also, regular gum is an effective “light day” workout. So do you chew mastic or Falim gum regularly? You can take some days off to enjoy regular gum as an easier workout.

So, what makes regular gum ideal for jawlines?

  • It is the most popular type of chewing gum worldwide. It’s hence easily accessible
  • Most regular chewing gums are free of sugar and chemicals
  • Some regular gums allow you to whiten and get a chiselled jawline simultaneously
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Falim Gum

Falim gum is our second option for jawlines. It is a Turkish chewing gum that gained popularity due to its chewy texture and toughness. 

Falim Gum for Jawline Explained

Falim is harder and more resistant than traditional gum. It is a great choice for jaw exercise and strengthening masticatory muscles. This makes it ideal for building facial bones and opening airways.

In addition to strengthening jawline muscles, Falim gum has antibacterial properties. They contribute to oral health and hygiene by reducing plaque. 

So why should you choose Falim Gum for building your jawline?

  • It’s is a cheap choice
  • Falim gum offers multiple artificial flavors
  • Falim gum is a softer starting point for beginners. You can chew it for weeks before progressing to more resistant gums.

However, some users have noted toxic ingredients in Falim gum. Producers use synthetic antioxidants as preservatives. These substances have high toxic levels which could harm your eyes, liver, or kidney at high exposure.

Mastic Gum

Mastic gum is a resin that comes from a tree grown in the Mediterranean. This resin has been used for centuries due to its antioxidant properties. It improves digestion, oral, and liver health,

Mastic Gum for Jawline Explained

You may chew mastic gum safely like traditional chewing gum. However, mastic is a 10x harder gum-based method for jawline muscle building.

So, why should you choose mastic gum for your jawline?

  • It does not lose its taste
  • Mastic gums are sugar-free and have anti-bacterial properties
  • Mastic is a 100% natural and re-usable chewing material. It is cost-effective chewing gum with multiple sessions.
  • Mastic gum is 10x harder than regular gum, resembling a 200kg bench press. This makes it an effective muscle-building tool.
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Jawliner Gum

Jawliner gum was released in 2022 and was made specifically as jawline chewing gum. 

Jawline Gum for Jawline Explained

Jawliner Gum is a mint-flavored gum with less hardcore properties than mastic. This hence makes it suitable for those who prefer a less harder gum with higher resistance.

So why should you train your jawline with the Jawliner Gum?

  • It is 10x harder than traditional gum
  • Jawliner gum is cheaper due to mass production
  • Jawliner Gum offers the same hardness and taste, ensuring you know exactly what you’re getting


To reap the benefits of chewing gum, you should do it regularly and consistently over time. However, it’s critical not to overdo it and to stop if you feel any pain or discomfort in your jaw.

Also, remember that various elements contribute to a strong and distinct jawline. Chewing gum may assist in toning and developing your jaw and face muscles. But other factors such as nutrition, exercise, and heredity all have a role in establishing your facial structure. As a result, chewing gum alone is unlikely to impact your jawline substantially. Hence, it is critical to have a balanced and healthy lifestyle in general.

Mastic gum is a more effective jawline exerciser. But it is harder on teeth and gums and has inconsistent pieces. Jawliner gum is more similar to regular chewing gum but harder. It hence ideal for beginners. Try each pack to see which one works best before purchasing more.


Chewing Gum