Essential Strategies to Get your Audience Coming Back on TikTok Videos

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You have started using a TikTok account and now you are not getting the views and reach you used to get in the start. It’s time to notice your strategy and make changes to it because it’s not just about making videos. You have to come up with new ideas and make your way by finding the strategy that works well with your profile. If you can find such a strategy that gives you more visibility, followers and reach, stick to it and keep on improving it.

Purpose of ‘View’ on TikTok

Although a view shows that if a person views your video it’s counted as a view but is not necessary for every platform. Because every social media platform measures it differently and the process of TikTok is much easier than other platforms. Whenever a video auto-plays in a loop it will instantly count it as a view. Even if the user re-watch it at the same time still it will count as a unique and new view. But if you watch your video whether for once or in a loop TikTok will not consider it as a view.

Reasons You Are Not Getting TikTok Views

If you are facing visibility issues or views on your videos are not enough as you expect them to be. Or they are just zero or so small in number. There might be several reasons that are listed below:

Don’t Expect Too Early

Having a new account will not get you views immediately you have to research several topics and trends. Then make a consistent schedule to post and stick to it if it starts working. This will help you get initial views on your videos that you can increase after researching more.

Illegal Content

That includes any sensitive content that might disturb your followers such as fake blood or abusive videos. This is against TikTok’s terms of service and can result in a decrease in views. So it’s better to avoid posting such content.

 Posting time

You are making a mistake while posting at the wrong time when your targeted audience is not active and wouldn’t engage in your videos. This will eventually result in a low rate of views as your content will not get enough reach.

Low Engagement

When users do not take interest in your videos and stop sharing or liking them anymore. This caused TikTok to stop showing your videos to new users and this resulted in a low engagement rate.

Does TikTok Pay Per View?

Yes, TikTok has a creator fund through which you get paid. For every 1000 views, you get 2-4 cents and creators having millions of views can earn above $30. But to earn this you have to meet some basic criteria of being over 18 years old. You can check out the profiles of some popular content creators and analyze how many views they are getting daily. Some of them even buy TikTok likes and views to enhance their followers to engage more.

Ways to Get Your Audience Back on TikTok Videos

If you have lost views on videos that you usually get on your previous videos it’s time to get them back. Apply the following strategies and you’ll see results in a short time:

Understand Your Audience

Before anything, if you understand what sort of audience is interested in your content this will help you produce appropriate content. The audience on TikTok is Gen Z and almost 43% of the audience on TikTok is aged 18-24. They are not interested in promotional content and look for the creativity and uniqueness of content. Try to make fun, enthusiastic, and entertaining videos this will help you get more views on TikTok.

Add Hashtags to Your Content

To get engagement and traffic on your content you first have to find the ways through which users can find your content. Adding hashtags will boost the visibility of your content and more people can watch it. Your goal is to attract the right audience that is interested in your content. Adding hashtags will help people to discover your content easily. Relevancy is the key that you need while choosing hashtags if you want to engage those people who take interest in your product or service.

Participate in ‘For You’ Trends

The success of your marketing can be defined by the fact that your content is on the ‘For You’ page. That is the first page that users see when they open the app. Following the trends and participating in the challenges will help you to be on the ‘For You’ page and gain your lost audience. It’s not necessary that if you follow a trend and it will remain on the For You forever. No, trends do change every week or maybe before a week. So before creating content on the trend you have to do a little research by scrolling through the ‘For You’ page to check which trend is popular right now.

Grab Viewers Attention

Although getting fame or views on TikTok is quite easier than on other social media platforms, keeping them constant is a difficult process. All the metrics including watch time, views, likes, and shares are checked. You can ask questions from your followers or engage them in some fun or challenging activity. Don’t forget to add powerful captions in your videos or arrange a storytime. This will attract your previous and new followers to view your video.

Use Trending Sounds

TikTok is all about using music in your videos and lip-syncing popular sounds. They work as a hashtag on TikTok as other users can also discover your videos when they click on that sound. So it’s better to use viral sounds for your videos and there are chances that your video will also go viral.

Collaborate with Famous TikTokers

When you duet a video with any famous TikTok user this will bring engagement to your profile. As it’s similar to influencer marketing, this will bring new views from their account also. More people will notice you and you’ll get better exposure. While some brands also collaborate with famous content creators and even pay them for every video regarding their product. This encourages users to create more content and earn free views for brands and content creators also.

Short Videos Grab Attention

Making long videos will make your audience bore and some of them may not continue watching them. So it’s better to create content with unique ideas but short in length. Having short videos will give you more views as more people will rewatch them. Also, your videos will have a higher completion rate than longer videos.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are running a business, brand, or an influencer account, understanding the niche and finding the right keywords or hashtags is important. As they will prove to be powerful tools to increase the views, reach, and eventually engagement of your profile. To achieve these goals you have to focus on your content and strategies that prove successful for you. Focusing on these above points will help you get your lost audience back and even new users will also attract you.