Enhance your Look in Ethnic Wear with These Kajal Tricks

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Look in Ethnic Wear

The way you look in ethnic wear defines and expresses our culture beautifully and in style. Undoubtedly, a kajal is an essential component when it comes to Indian dressing. There is something magical about the stroke of a lovely black kajal. It has been used widely in India and even other parts of the world, especially Egypt, Africa, and the Middle East, for centuries. The custom soon became popular and spread to other regions of the globe. There is no denying that kajal has the utmost significance in an Indian woman’s makeup regime. Women have used kajal to define and beautify their eyes and continue to do so today. This beauty staple simply couldn’t be more important.

For the girl who loves an ethnic ensemble, here are a few kajal tips and tricks to highlight your eyes.

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Today, you can buy kajal online in just a click and try various eye makeup looks without hassle. Be ready to wow everyone with these kajal tricks:

  • Smudge with Finger or a Brush

What looks better with ethnic wear than a messy kajal look? And guess what? It’s simpler than you think. Just browse through the internet and pick an intense black kajal online from a reliable makeup brand like SERY Cosmetics. You can smudge the kajal with your ring finger or an eye-brush to create a smoky look in just a few minutes. For an ombre effect, move the brush upward and downward.

  • A Bold Wing

Unable to pull off the ideal wing using eyeliner? The easiest way is to use a pencil with a kajal. Use your kajal to draw a wing on your upper lid and smudge it lightly for an even-looking finish, even if it is incomplete. This look is ideal for a romantic evening and an easy way to get sultry eyes. 

  • Layer it Up

Layering is the secret to long-lasting makeup. Begin lining your eyes from the outer corner and work your way through to the inner corner using a sharp kajal pencil. You can ensure that no excess product is accumulated in the inner corners this way. Depending on the way you want it, add generous coats so your eyes are well defined. Concentrate mainly on the outer corners for smaller eyes. It opens up your eyes immediately and makes them look bigger. While buying kajal online, make sure it is waterproof and smudge-free.

  • Intensify the Upper Eyelid

After buying a kajal online as per your choice, it’s important to use it right. Start by working on your upper eyelid. Instead of a liquid liner, line the upper waterline using your kajal pencil to highlight your eyes further. This trick will make your eyelashes appear thicker immediately and will help make your eyes pop. Then, close your eyes and draw a soft line from the outer corner to the inner corner. For better effect, use short strokes and progressively make it thicker according to your preference. This will help to create a bold look.

Here are some more tips and precautions to follow while applying kajal:

  • You must not share your kajal stick with others as germs can be transferred in the process, causing an eye infection.
  • Contact lens wearers must buy a smudge-free long-lasting kajal online to avoid getting kajal on their lenses.
  • Take off kajal from your eyes before going to bed.
  • Avoid applying kajal in moving vehicles like a car or train.

Last but not least, while shopping for kajal online, buy only and only from renowned beauty brands like SERY Cosmetics. They offer kajal sticks enriched with castor oil that nourishes and protects your skin from any irritation and inflammation. Their kajal ensures a smooth velvet-finish, ideal for every makeup look and occasion.

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