Eastern European brides — can they make a western man happy?

by in Tattoo

The tendency to date and marry people from other countries and even continents keeps growing nowadays. Some American guys prefer dating girls from Argentina. Others are fond of Asian beauties. However, Eastern European brides seem to be more and more popular nowadays. Lots of western men want to travel to Eastern Europe to date and marry one of those beauties.

This seems to be really crazy how their popularity grows. Regardless of so many scam stories and reviews from disappointed Americans and Western Europeans, men do not give up. For some reason, they keep craving women from Eastern Europe in the hope to have the most beautiful and decent wife ever. 

What is the secret of Eastern European brides? Why do they attract men from different corners of the world? If you want to satisfy your curiosity and have answers to your deepest questions, keep reading and find it out right now. 

What makes Eastern European brides so special?

If everyone wants an Eastern European bride, it means that there is something about them that attracts men so much. First of all, we consider Ukrainian, Russian, and Belarussian women as Eastern European ladies traditionally. Of course, you can name Polish or Bulgarian ladies among them but the most popular brides still remain females from the above-mentioned Eastern European countries. 

Plenty of things possessed by Eastern European brides are attractive to westerners. Russian, Ukrainian, and Belarussian ladies are not just Eastern Europeans, they belong to Slavs. This culture is very different from the western dating and marriage scene. These Eastern European brides are:

  • Very feminine;
  • Beautiful;
  • Strong emotionally;
  • Versatile personalities;
  • Fit and slim;
  • Intelligent;
  • Educated;
  • Hard-working;
  • Great mothers.

These are the core qualities that are so tempting for guys coming from the West. Eastern European brides are great and this is an undeniable fact. However, it still does not mean that such a woman suits every foreign man. The reality says the opposite. Only those who can really conquer an Eastern European girl can be lucky to bring her to their country. How to do that? Let’s see. 

Eastern European brides still appreciate courtship

The Western dating scene does not apply to these ladies. The partnership is great but it doesn’t work at the stage of dating. Western pragmatism is not what they are looking for. It is good for marriage but to finally have it, you will need to work hard and conquer this woman.

Your Eastern European bride expects you to impress her. She is watching your actions, not your words. Courtship means paying all the dating bills (do not even try to offer her share the bill), opening the door for her, giving her your hand when she is getting out of the car, helping her take her coat off and put it on, etc. 

This is not all yet. Every date must be accompanied by flowers. This is such a casual thing in Eastern European culture that these ladies do not even imagine it can be different. Soif you show up without flowers on your date, she will notice it at once. You must always remember that. If you do not bring any flowers for a date, then you must impress her with something else — tickets to a theater, concert, or any other pleasant surprise she will appreciate. 

They are not a panacea for your dating failures

Eastern European dating websites are teeming with profiles of men who believe that these ladies will make them happy although they have never been successful in their countries. Guys, miracles do not happen. If you are not successful in your country, you will hardly succeed in Eastern Europe.

Please realize that women are the same everywhere. If you consider American girls demanding, you will not find females in Eastern Europe better. Women are demanding everywhere in the world. An Eastern European bride is also high-maintenance, she wants to see a decent and generous man by her side.

No one wants to date losers, unfortunately. If you complain all the time about ladies in your country, you will do the same with girls from Eastern Europe. They cannot stand losers. All of these females want to see successful and confident men as their husbands. Yes, this might be sad but it is true. Even in Eastern Europe, women want to see real men next to them. Your talks about romance will hardly impress them.

They are different

Any Eastern European bride can make her man happy. It is crucial to realize that there are both good and bad ladies all over the world. You cannot judge them all by the same criteria. In Eastern Europe, you will meet both feminine and feministic ladies. You can see very beautiful girls and very casual ones. Some of them wear very long hair while others prefer short haircuts. 

If you think that all brides in Eastern Europe are the same — beautiful, obedient, romantic, and not demanding — you are wrong. Such women exist only in men’s fantasies. All modern females know well what they want. If you want to have such a woman, it will be necessary to work on yourself and your attitude to dating. 

Didn’t you still change your mind about looking for an Eastern European bride? Then get ready and choose a good dating site. For instance, SofiaDate is a platform where all of the ladies are manually verified and seriously interested in dating western men. Choosing a good dating platform is one of the keys to success with Eastern European brides. Consider this to avoid complaining about women from Europe in the future. 

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