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Do not Miss these tourists attractions during your Tour to Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Many travelers already have quite some expectations given its standing among the world’s most visited cities. It is true to say that Your tour to Bangkok has managed to live up to those expectations. It offers so much diversity, from the popularity of Buddist temples, shopping, Thailand’s spicy foods, to ancient amusement sites. The city is also the gateway to other parts of Thailand such as Chiang Mai, Phuket, Kho Samui, among other fantastic places. The best thing is to have a first-hand experience of all that Bangkok has to offer. As soon as your Bangalore to Bangkok flight lands at the Suvarnabhumi airport, make your tour to Bangkok top sites.

The grand palace

If you were to visit a single place in Bangkok, the Grand Palace should be the one. It was constructed in 1782, and yes, it is that old, and it served as Thailand’s royal family residence until 1925. Although the king resides at the Dusit Palace, the Grand Palace still hosts royal and state functions from time to time. It is a vast complex consisting of well-planned pavilions, magnificent buildings, courtyards, and well-manicured lawns. An important structure you must not miss here is the Wat Phra Kaew (Emerald Buddha temple), which people consider the holiest temple in Thailand. Ensure you have a guide so that you don’t miss important things and to understand what you are seeing.

Wat Pho

Wat Pho is south of the Grand Palace, and it hosts around 400 guilded buddha images. And the best of it is the giant standing buddha that measures 46 meters long and 15 meters tall. It is the oldest standing temple in Bangkok and is also a high grade of Thailand’s first-class royal temples. People consider it a place of healing, and it is also important to note that it was the birthplace of Thailand’s first university.

Jim Thompson House

In the Siam region, the Jim Thomson House hosts the impressive southeast Asian art collection of the famous American businessman Jim Thompson. Jim Thompson has credits for salvaging Thailand’s silk industry in the 1950s and 60s. The house’s design is exceptional and what makes it even more intriguing is that Jim Thompson disappeared in 1967 during a walk, and no one has ever spotted his remains since then.

Erawan shrine

The Erawan shrine is a famous Hindu shrine in Bangkok. Worshippers go during the day to offer incense sticks, flowers, and fruits to a gilded statue of the Hindu god of creation known as Phra Phrom. The Erawan shrine is near the SkyTrain’s Chit Lom station on a busy commercial spot between Sukhumvit and Siam. You can stop by the shrine as you shop around the area. You will also get to watch traditional Thai dances held there throughout the day.

Bangkok art and culture center (BACC)

If you are shopping around the Siam area, make a point of Your tour to Bangkok art and culture center where exhibits spread out over ten floors. You will find craft shops, commercial art galleries, bookstores, and cafes.

Final tip

There are many places to visit in Bangkok, and we have just mentioned a few of them in Your tour to Bangkok. It is best to use a guided tour, which will also save you from falling for scams.

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