DIY Steps To Make Organic Lipstick At Home

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organic lipstick

There is not one but many reasons to switch to organic lipstick. The regular lipsticks that you buy from the market contain several harmful chemicals, such as parabens, dyes, and several others. These chemicals are absorbed by the lips on a daily basis and cause the darkening of the lips. Besides, they can cause several other detrimental effects, such as rashes or allergies. To prevent these nuisances, switch to organic lipstick. They can prevent your lips from getting chapped and make them soft and youthful. Navigate until the end to find out more about these chemical-free lipsticks. 

Why Organic Lipstick? 

Girls have a great collection of lipsticks of all colors and shades. However, they all come with their potential hazard to the lips. Their daily application of these lipsticks containing paraben and other harmful chemicals can be harmful to the lips. They can make it chapped, dark, and pigmented. The long-term application makes lips soak various chemical toxins. On the other hand, organic lipsticks contain no harmful chemicals and are gentle to the lips. They can give the desired color and also heals the damage caused due to the chemical lipsticks. It’s high time to replace your chemical lipsticks with natural ones.


Benefits Of Organic Lipstick

Organic lipsticks have multi-pronged benefits. It heals the damage caused by the chemicals and repairs it over time. It elevates skin irritation and breaks out to a great extent. The ingredients derived from the plant keep your lips safe from the free radical damages. They are gentle on the lips and skin and ideal for the environment. Furthermore, these lipsticks are devoid of animal testing. You can order them online with your smartphone or follow our DIY steps to make them on your own. Before proceeding further with the procedure, let’s have a look at some of the most preferred organic lipstick brands. 

Most Preferred Brands That Make Chemical-Free Lipsticks

Below are some of the best chemical-free lipsticks that can make your lips glitter with the goodness of nature. Have a look: 

1: SoulTree

SoulTree Ayurveda lipstick is made by harvesting the goodness of nature. The natural ingredients are handpicked by the farmers and contain no chemicals. It contains organic ghee and almond oil to care for your lips gently and provide its well-deserved nourishments. This lipstick can be your ideal choice for makeup and skincare. Your glossy lips will be more bright when they are healthy from the inside. You can put it into your cosmetic shopping list this time and experience the change yourself. It is usually suitable for use for up to 24 months. On dry lips, apply with the lip balm for better results. 

2: Hemp Organics

Hemp Organics claims that its lipsticks are completely organic, and even you can eat them absent any health risk. They are free from any health hazards to the lips and provide them with long-lasting color. Besides, these lipsticks also provide the proper nourishment. Hemp organics lipsticks do not contain any detrimental chemicals such as parabens, dyes, or other harmful ingredients. But, they contain healthy ingredients such as castor oil, hemp seed oil, plant waxes, and jojoba oil. It has about 37 eye-capturing shades of colors; you can choose according to your preferences. It works magic on the application. 

3: 100% Pure 

As the name indicates, it is 100% natural and contains no harmful chemicals during the development process of lipsticks. The ingredients are completely natural and gentle to the lips. You don’t need to be worried about feeding your lips with toxic chemicals or the products derived from animal cruelty. The goodness of nature is harvested for making his lipstick with the consistent research and development process. Besides, it can prevent your lips from oxidative damage and gives them a younger-looking glow. The goodness of the natural oils keeps your lips moisturized and hydrated and prevents them from getting chapped. Don’t go with the words; try it yourself. 


ILIA natural lipstick is made with all the natural ingredients and gives a semi-matte finish on the application. The ingredients are processed to yield contemporary colors that are completely safe and gentle on the skin. Moreover, it hydrates and moisturizes dry lips and feels so lightweight. Along with its radiant glow, it protects your lips and revives them from the old damages. 

5: Ecco Bella

Ecco Bella lipsticks are made with the pure flower cutting formula and let your lips heal and shine brilliantly. When you apply it, the freshness of nature will glow on your lips. You will feel great when you know that the colors are organic and not the stains of animal cruelty. No harmful chemicals are involved during the process of development and eliminate the cracks and dryness from the lips. 

How To Make Organic Lipstick At Home? 

Now that you have seen some of the top-rated organic lipstick brands let’s check out the steps to make it on your own. Follow the below-given steps with full care and attention: 

Step 1: 

In the first place, you need to have all the ingredients handy with you: 

  • 1 TS or 5 ml of the beeswax. 
  • 1 TS natural butter. You may choose your preferred flavor, such as mango, almond, shea, or others. 
  • 1 TS of the natural oil (almond/jojoba/soya/extra virgin olive).

Step 2: 

Now that you have your ingredients ready with you, time to choose the color for your lipsticks. Choose one, and we will tell you how to source it from nature: 

  • For the bright red color, you can use beetroot powder. 
  • For a deep brown hue, you can utilize a cocoa powder. 
  • To derive the reddish-brown color, you can use cinnamon.
  • Adding turmeric to the other colors can add a copperish glow with different colors. 
  • You can get more color hacks from nature on your own. 

Final Step:

Finally, take all the ingredients in a bowl and place them in the microwave for 40 seconds. When they melt properly, stir them to ensure they are blended with each other perfectly. When you are done, place them in your cosmetic container. You can buy these containers online with ease. 


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