Use of Your Old Jeans: DIY Hack to make use of it Seamlessly

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DIY Hack to Make Use of Your Old Jeans Seamlessly

It feels bad to throw away your old denim, especially if you have brought designer ones. In other cases, if your wardrobe is filled with denim jeans that you don’t wear. The question is what to do with it? The first option is to leave it as it is, the second option is reuse and the third one is simply throw it away. Instead of throwing away heavy heartedly, you can reuse it for some other purposes. Here are some ways to make use of your old jeans:

1.     Make a Rug:

You can cut old jeans in strips; weave strips together to make a rug. You can make a rug of different color denim. This can give a rug a multi-colored look. You can try different shapes of rugs as well.

2.     Try a Baby Bib:

If you are a mom of a toddler, you can simply make a baby bib. Cut the jeans in the shape of a bib, attach strips for neck support, and add some fabric stickers to make it colorful and all done.

3.     Make a Jeans Bag:

Cut the upper part of the jeans and stitch, save the leg part for something else. You just need the pocket part for this. Attach some belts or bag handles on the belt part. You can also put a zip or buttons to make the bag secure. Add some extra details like beads, ribbons, etc to give it an eye-catching look.

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4.     Make Pillows:

The simplest thing you can make with jeans is to simply stitch a pillow. Then fill it with polyester and its preferable to put zip on one side of it. It makes it easy to wash. You can give pillows different shapes like heart, star, etc.

5.     Try Stuff Toys:

Be a super mom and make stuff toys for your kids at home. Cut jeans in different shapes to give them a teddy, fish, or a doll look. But in this case, you have to be an expert. Otherwise, you’ll ruin your child’s happiness.

6.     Make a Jeans Geometry Box:

You just need a small leftover piece of jeans. Cut in a rectangular shape, stitch it to make a cylinder look, and put zip on the top. It is better to keep it simple but you can add extra details if you want.

7.     Hand-woven Basket:

Just like the rug, cut jeans into strips, and weave it to make a basket. You can use this basket for fruits or as a makeup storage box.

8.     Gift Bag:

Cut two pieces of jeans in square shape and stitch together, leaving the one side open. It will give it a bag-shaped look. Put some cute button or buckle on top of it. And your gift bag is ready.

9.     Denim Bean Bag Chair:

If you have more than one spare denim, go for making a bean bag. Cut different colored jeans and stitch together to make a bean chair. You can give it a sofa shape, dice, or simple round shape. Put zip on the bottom and fill it with beans. Your low priced, unique bean chair is ready.

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10.   Denim Table Mats:

Cut jeans in small squares, stitch the sides, and décor it. Your table mats are ready. You can also wrap an old wooden placemat with jeans to give it a new look.

11.    Make a Hairband:

Last but not the least; make a hair for yourself or your little one. Take an old plastic hairband and wrap it with jeans. Cut jeans strips to make flowers and glue it on the top of it. You can also make a headband if you are not having an old hairband.

DIY Hack to Make Use of Your Old Jeans Seamlessly