Digital marketing: how digital technologies increase sales

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Digital marketing

Today, such a concept as digital marketing is successfully used by many companies. Therefore, it is worth talking about what this concept is and in what areas it is applied.

Many people confuse this term with online marketing. In fact, there is a huge difference between them that you should be aware of. Undoubtedly, digital marketing includes online marketing, but it is much broader.

Internet marketing today is SEO, contextual advertising, and much more. We are talking about resources that are only on the expanses of the World Wide Web. And if we talk about digital marketing, then to all of the above, we should add advertising and promotion on digital media that are outside the network. It turns out that we are talking about digital communications not only online but also offline.

If we talk about advertising related to digital, then it will not include ads in the print media, advertising on television, or on billboards. But if a QR code is indicated on the billboard, which, when read, allows you to be on the company’s website, then this advertisement can already be attributed to digital marketing. The essence of such marketing is the use of digital channels. Let’s take a closer look.

Internet Marketing

It is worth noting that marketing has a huge number of various tools. We will talk about the most commonly used types of digital marketing:

  • Digital TV and internet radio;
  • Advertising in games and applications;
  • SMS mailings;
  • Advertising on LED monitors;
  • SEO optimization;
  • Contextual advertising;
  • Social networks;
  • Electronic mailing list;
  • Affiliate Marketing.

Not all companies have the opportunity to use all these tools due to limited resources. However, this is not necessary. The choice of the necessary tools depends on the tasks of the business and the preferences of the target audience. For example, many sites and use digital Marketing tools to attract as many customers as possible. In addition, sites offer new features – for example, play pokies online.

Benefits of digital marketing

1) Measurability. One of the advantages is that the effectiveness is very easy to track. All clicks, transitions, and other data are collected automatically. At any time you can see all the data that interests you.

2) Speed. Digital tools make it possible to instantly reach several thousand potential buyers with just one advertising display. In addition, you can quickly collect and analyze a huge amount of data regarding their reactions. Thus, digital marketing really allows you to get all the necessary statistics very quickly.

3) Versatility. Digital marketing has very flexible settings that allow you to set up a campaign in such a way that it works only with the target group. You can exclude irrelevant impressions, which makes it possible to reduce costs.

4) Large coverage. Millions of people today are digitally addicted. For example, we receive most of the information using the virtual web. We receive not only news but also rest, communicate and do many other different things. More and more companies receive most of their orders from the Internet.


Today, digital marketing is all around us. He has long pushed traditional advertising to the background. All the most famous companies have long been using these tools to attract customers and increase profits. And with the growth and development of technology, its influence will only increase.

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Therefore, the more digital channels you use to attract potential buyers, the stronger the effect will be. You can create pages on social networks, shoot videos, and collaborate with famous bloggers. The possibilities and tools are really huge. All this will help to significantly increase profits, as well as easily promote the brand to a higher level.

Digital marketing