Discover the Different Types of Kisses and Know the Incredible Health Benefits of Kissing

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Different types of kisses

Do you remember when was the last time you are your partner just kissed? Without taking it to the next level, when you just kiss your partner, it talks about a different kind of sensibilities, especially smooching.

According to a PhD, certified sex therapist and psychologist, Holly Richmond, “Kissing says, ‘I want to play with you and spend time with you. We’re taking our time and not just moving towards the goal of having an orgasm.’

Kissing is a way of telling your partner, you are totally into them. So, why not enjoy these romantic exchanges with your partner now and then, to make a stronger bond of love, connection and friendship. And do you know there are different types of kisses conveying special messages of love? We have got you the most intimate and affectionate ones in the list below. Check them out.

Different Types of Kisses

1. Royal Hand Kiss

It is a kind of kiss where a person kisses on top of another person’s hand in the most formal way possible. It doesn’t typically imply affection, but is considered as a respectful and polite greeting, mainly among strangers on their first meet. Imagine the blind date your friend has set you up!

2. Air Kiss

Air-kiss is regarded as a social gesture by pursing your lips, leaning forward as if you are kissing, but without actually doing it. Remember celebrities or elites meeting at formal events, award shows, etc? It can imply a hello or a goodbye to a family member or friend.  Cheek Kiss

Mostly popular in Europe, one or more gentle kisses on the cheek is a friendly gesture of greeting a friend. Consider saying ‘happy to see you’ to a friend, relative, partners and at times, strangers (while bidding goodbye). But when this happens after a romantic date, you should assume it as a respectful way of telling the other person that they had a good time, but would rather like it to take it slow.

3. Forehead Kiss

As Richmond says, “The forehead kiss is atypical, which makes it more memorable.” You might not know but #foreheadkisses have got tagged 33.8 times on Instagram, let alone the other social media platform. It is not just warm and compassionate, but also communicates pure love in a non-sexual manner. Forehead kiss is not a kind that’s given to anybody random, but someone special, a person for whom you really feel.

4. Eskimo Kiss

Eskimo kiss is a unique way of conveying your love and affection to your partner. You don’t touch each other’s lips, but it’s still considered intimate. In Richmond’s view, “You have to be very close to someone, whether you’re looking into their eyes or closing your eyes and feeling their breath.”

5. Single Lip Kiss

This one is a seductive type of kiss that involves kissing the bottom lip of your partner while they kiss your upper lip. It can be other way round too. It is a playful tease, say an offer that implies there’s some more coming.

6. French Kiss

This open mouth kissing with your tongues involved is the most erotic types of kiss we have on the list. There’s no other type that can connect two people more. But, but, remember keeping it for the bedroom mate. You may not mind but others around would mind you tonguing at a Starbucks or a funeral.

7. Bite Kiss

A bite kiss is playful biting and kissing on the lips, jawline, cheeks, neck or collarbone. It can be very tantalizing. No, we are not talking about the hickies, a big no! Right girls? How hard you nibble onto the other person’s lips is your preference, so ensure telling your bae what would exactly turn you on. You might think it as a seductive move for a first-time hookup, but it is always better to slip in the idea slowly.

Note: If the person pulls back, you stop.

8. Lizard Kiss

This has everything to do with the tongue, only the tongue. It is an unconventional kind of foreplay that both the partners should find sexy. But, do not knock without trying it.

9. Neck Kiss

You might have depicted neck kisses in erotic-romantic novels and movies. Have you read a novel starring Fabio-esque leads (male)? These don’t just seem erotic reading or watching, but actually are more sensuous in real life. Your neck is an underrated erogenous area replete with sensitive, delicate nerve endings that makes well for a fiery foreplay, mainly if you are a woman.

10. Body Kiss

Apart form the neck, there are many other parts of the body that are worth kissing. These include the stomach, chest, torso, booty and feet. It mostly depends on the ticklish meter and sexual preferences of an individual. But remember what feels working for one person, might not be a good feeling to another. You need to understand the body language of your partner, to receive the required information.

11. Nipple Kiss

Kissing, sucking and licking your partner’s nipples is a different kind of body kiss, that is beyond comparison. It feels amazing to both men and women. Again for this one, you need to be attentive enough to understand if your partner is comfortable with it or not. Every person’s sexual proclivity is unique in itself and this area requires intimate communication to get on to. If you see your partner moving towards you and moaning, take it as a green light. If his or her body tenses or recoils, you got to stop right there and try something else.

12. Genital Kiss

Genital Kiss is a kind of a sultry tease, kissing your bae through their underwear. Just use your lips and stat an epic foreplay at the right spot (where they enjoy it). When you see your partner enjoying it and begging for more, it’s time you remove the barrier and introduce the tongue. Enjoy the finale!

13. Earlobe Kiss

It is an all-time erotic kiss as it targets one of the most erogenous areas of the body, the earlobe. Gently kiss or nibble on the earlobes of your partner. It is considered as one of the romantic kisses ever between lovers.

14. Butterfly Kiss

When you are so close to your partner’s face while kissing that your eyelashes meet, it is called a butterfly kiss. This type of kiss is a gesture for people made in love or infatuated with each other.

15. The Lingering Kiss

A lingering kiss is full of intense passion and emotion. It is normally reserved for new lovers and entails almost all the lip to lip kissing types since long.

16. ‘Leave a mark’ Kiss

Also called lipstick kiss where a girl kisses her partner, with lipstick on her lips. It could be anywhere on the neck, cheek or lips. It is just a playful gesture between lovers.

17. Secret Message Kiss

Secret message kiss is the one where two lovers send each other a secret message through kissing. It is usually between people who are very close to each other.

18. Kiss of an Angel

This one on the list is a gentle kiss on your partner’s eyelids, which is a sweet gesture of love and affection. You show how connected and madly in love you are with the other person. It can be from a mother to her child or a husband to her wife or daughter.

19. Seductive Kiss

A seductive kiss is the one where you bit your partner’s open mouth, much similar to a subtle French Kiss. With less tongue though! It is a type of kiss to seduce someone or win their heart. It is sure to make you weak on the knees.

20. The Jaw Kiss

This one is a kiss that is quite gentle and very sensual at the same time. You kiss your partner’s jaw, showing how deeply you love them. It is between lovers who are very close.

21. The Big Tease

Though last on the list, but it is one of the most sensuous and romantic type of kisses that expresses love and connection beautifully. It lasts for hours as you tease your partner while exploring their entire body with your lips. From the forehead, lowering to the eyes, chest, belly/torso, to straight way down there! It is a much invested way of foreplay, which is purely dedicated to lovers.

Health Benefits of Kissing

Has the kissing part fading away in your relationship? Are you more of the ‘air kiss’ couple than the ones into actual kiss? Actually, it is not just about your partner but kissing friends and family, like a peck on the cheek is also surprisingly beneficial for you. Yes, no kidding here!

Kissing has got a lot of mental and physical health benefits scientifically. Let’s know more about the health benefits of kissing as per the scientific research on the subject.

Kissing boosts the ‘happy hormones’

Kissing boosts your brain and triggers it to release a mixture of chemicals that make you feel oh-so-good enticing the pleasure points of the brain. The released chemicals mainly involve dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin, which are known to make a person feel euphoric and ignite feelings of bonding and affection. It is also helpful in lowering your cortisol levels or stress hormone levels.

It helps you bond with a person

The hormone that helps in bonding is oxytocin, which releases from the triggers sent to your brain while you kiss. The rush of this hormone causes feelings of attachment and affection. Kissing your lover more often improves satisfaction levels in your relationship. It is mainly important for a long-distance relationship.

So, you stay away from your partner and only get to see them once in a couple of months or more? You gotta spend quality time kissing each other this time!

It causes a tangible effect on your self-esteem

Along with the fact that kissing increases the release of happy hormones in your body, it is also true that it boosts the feelings of self-worth as it reduces the cortisol levels in your body.

As per a research of 2016, scientists found that individuals who were not happy with their looks and physical appearance marked a high for their cortisol levels.

Further research is essential to provide proof this. However, reducing your stress hormones level by kissing is not a bad idea to pass your time with your partner!

It relieves stress

By now, you know that the hormone oxytocin reduces your cortisol levels while kissing, which ultimately relieves stress. Kissing and other affectionate gestures such as saying ‘I love you’ and hugging shows an impact on your physiological processes that links to stress management.

It reduces anxiety

Stress management also involves how great you are in managing stress and anxiety. Some affection and kisses can do wonders to calm you down when stressed or anxious. Oxytocin lowers the feeling of anxiety and boosts wellness and relaxation.

It dilates the blood vessels that further reduces blood pressure. As per Andrea Demirijian, the author of “Kissing: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About One of Life’s Sweetest Pleasures,” kissing boosts the heart rate in such a way that helps dilating your blood vessels.

When the blood vessels dilate, the blood flow improves in your body and initiates immediate reduction in the blood pressure. This indicates that kissing is good for your heart, both metaphorically and literally!

It helps in relieving cramps

Not many know this, but kissing can even help in relieving those painful period cramps. As your blood vessels dilate and boost the blood flow in your body, it releases some feel-good chemicals that helps to relive period cramps. So, getting a smooch when you are struggling with cramps on a bad period day can be of great help ladies!

It soothes headaches

Now you can definitely wave a good bye to the ‘not today dear, I am having a headache’ excuse. Kissing when on a headache can relive the pain and yet again it is through the dilation of your blood vessels and reduced blood pressure. Kissing helps you prevent headaches by reducing your stress levels, which is considered as one of the triggers of headache.

It boosts your immune system

Swapping spit can possibly boost your immunity as your body exposes to new germs that helps strengthening your immune system. In a study of 2014, experts found that the couples kissing frequently had the same microbiota on their tongues and in their saliva.

It minimizes allergic response

Kissing shows that you can experience a relief from hives and several signs of allergic reaction associated with household dust mites and pollen. Stress is also a reason why these allergic reactions get worse, so the impact of kissing on stress can reduce allergic response too.

It leads to improvement in total cholesterol

In a study of 2009, the scientists discovered that couples who kissed frequently (the romantic kisses) experienced gradual improvement in their complete serum cholesterol. When your cholesterol is in check, it can lower the risk of various diseases, such as heart stroke and other cardiac diseases.

It helps prevent tooth cavities by increasing saliva production

Kissing stimulates the salivary glands that ultimately boosts saliva production. Saliva keeps your mouth in proper lubrication, helps in swallowing and keeps your mouth clean from food debris that aids in prevention of cavities and tooth decay.

It is great in improving physical compatibility with your romantic partner

According to one of the studies of 2013, kissing can help in assessing the suitability of your potential partner. As per the women surveyed, your first kiss can be either a deal maker or deal breaker, when it is about her attraction.

Kissing your romantic partner improves sex drive

Romantic kissing is one of the ways to sexual arousal and it is often the driving force for women, whether or not she wants to have sex with the man. Your saliva also has testosterone, the sex hormone that plays a vital role in sexual arousal. The longer and passionate is the kiss, the more testosterone you release.

The more frequent you kiss, the more you tone and tighten the facial muscles

Interesting, isn’t it? Kissing involves almost 2-34 facial muscles. Kissing frequently and bringing these muscles into use on a regular basis act as a face workout (along with your neck). Just be completely into it!

This way, kissing helps firming the facial muscles. Working out your muscles can possibly boost collagen production, which further leads to younger and firmer skin.

It helps burning calories

When you use your facial muscles, you also burn calories. By kissing, you can almost burn around 2-26 calories every minute depending on the passion with which you kiss. However, it may not be one of the best ways to lose weight, but will definitely leave you sweating!

In a nutshell

Kisses are not a gesture you show for someone’s face, but it can be anywhere in the body, until the partners are comfortable. A kiss is an expression of showing love, affection and your sexual desire to your partner in different ways. These different types of kisses are the unique ways of conveying your love to your beloved.



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