Dash Cryptocurrency Overview

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The cryptocurrency market does not stay still, even though it is living through the bear trend. Crisis in the market always filters strong and reliable projects and leaves behind those weak ones that did not survive in the crypto winter. 

Therefore, when picking an asset for investment, we should analyze a project and see its prospects instead of being guided by hype and news. Dash crypto is one of the promising crypto assets we would like to mention today.

What is Dash?

Dash was created at a fork from Litecoin, and its first name was XCoin (2014). The platform enables fast and cheap currency conversion and transfers through decentralization.

DASH coin serves as a middle layer in transfers and money conversion. Dash crypto price is  $41.34 (late November 2022). Here are other main facts about Dash:

  • Supports cash (traditional currencies), cards and PayPal
  • Ensures anonymity for users
  • Allows Dash holders to govern the platform (masternodes)
  • No intermediaries
  • Low fees
  • Speedy transfers
  • Dash’s wallet Dash Core has InstantSend feature for lightning-fast transactions, and the CoinJoin technology.

The price Dash has declined in the last month since the entire market demonstrated a drop after the FTX exchange’s bad financial news. However, this is an excellent chance to buy crypto and either trade or hold it long-term. 

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On the WhiteBIT blog, you will find many interesting coin reviews and recommendations on investment in this bear trend. Trading guides and instructions on creating an account and buying your first crypto are also published on the blog. You can always drop a line to the WhiteBIT customer support chart for all issues.