Bowfishing Guides in Texas

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Bowfishing in Texas

Texas really is an amazing destination for Bowfishing in Texas since it is full of lakes and rivers while the rivers are rich in different kinds and sizes of fish. The saltwater bays in this state allow you to enjoy bowfishing and to catch big and tasty fish. Fishing with a bow could give you much more fun and experience. It is not seasonal so, whenever you pay a visit to Texas, come and try your fishing skills.

There are many power plant lakes situated in the state. The plants keep the lake water warm and so fish like tilapia could easily grow. Tilapia fish has keen eyesight and they are smart enough that they are hard to catch. Whenever you see a fish, just shoot with your bow and arrow. To start Bowfishing in Texas, you should have the proper idea of bowfishing and here I am going to describe it for you!

What is bowfishing?

Fishing with an arrow and a bow in salt and freshwater is called bowfishing. Water should be fresh and clean because you have to see the fish from a distance and then move forward, target and shoot it. another important point is- you should catch a fish that is not dangerous because releasing the fish after catching would not be a good option for you. It is better to learn how to use the ropes while fishing. You could take help from a professional guide because you don’t wish to release your arrow at the wrong one. professionals require fish like catfish, paddlefish, carp, gar and tilapia fish for fishing. Some fish species like redfish or such species are not allowed in most of the places.

What is needed for a bowfishing trip?

All you would need to fetch a fishing license of Texas with yourself. The license would cost you about $17.00 on the first day and $8.00 on other days if you are not a resident of Texas. Pick up the license from anywhere and also from online. If you are going to use your own bow and arrow instead of using your guide’s bow, buy one from the market. You would also need polarized sunglasses, snacks and a sun screen for better experience.

Moreover, no license is required for people under the age of 17. You could also want to do some hunting as well. In that case, you could purchase a super combo or combination license that covers hunting and fishing both.

Equipment for bowfishing:

First and most important thing of Bowfishing in Texas is a bow. Your bow should be comfortable and easy to draw without straining. You don’t have to buy one if you already have one for hunting or other things. You don’t even need a very expensive bow for fishing. You could use your old bow if you are comfortable with targeting and shooting the fish. The ideal bow for fishing should be 30 to 50 pounds. A light weight bow helps you not get tired by shooting many shots.

Quality bowfishing reels, lines, and arrows are the next important tackle for fishing. You could easily buy and mount the reel on your bow. There are many types of reel in the market but you shouldn’t confuse yourself by making this decision hard. You could just go and buy a basic reel because it doesn’t matter what type and how costly reel you are using.

After buying the reel and line, now it’s time to buy some arrows. You could easily find fiberglass arrows in the market that cost around 10-20 dollars each. Though it is a little expensive, you don’t need to buy much arrows like hunting. Once you gather all of your equipment, you may also need some extra things if you are fishing at night like bug spray and lights. Now you are completely ready to start your bowfishing in the water.

Choose the area for bowfishing:

There are many spots for bowfishing in Texas and among them, you have to choose a particular area where you would go for fishing. You should search which species are allowed to shoot and what type of fish you are going to find in your area. It would be better if you take suggestions and advice from a local fisherman or shop in your area. 

Also, make sure that you are following local and state laws of Texas about seasons and locations of fishing. You could shoot the fish from the bank of the river or lake but the result would be more effective if you do bowfishing from a boat, paddleboard or kayak. Don’t spook the fish before shooting. Your journey to become a bow fisher expert could be successful if you get enough gear and proper research.

Where not to go for fishing:

You are allowed to do bowfishing in coastal water areas in Texas and in most lakes and rivers but you are forbidden to go some places like-

  1.       Community fishing lakes or around country or city parks.
  2.       Texas state park or even the lakes that are lying within its boundaries.

It is good to ask the local authority first if they allow you to fish if you don’t have any ideas about it.

It is great for groups:

Tours become boring as there is less activity to enjoy and fun. But bowfishing provides you a great opportunity to enjoy quality time with friends, business associates or families. You could catch a fish and eat it with your group and make the time more valuable. Bowfishing doesn’t give you only a protein meal but also improves the bonding among your friends and family.


Bowfishing in Texas is enjoyable but challenging also. Beginners sometimes miss the mark even if they have amazing aim. Most of the bowfishers miss the mark because they trust their eyes more than their brain. Where the water and air meets, the objects seem a little bent because of refraction. The objects behave differently in water and air. This principle could fool your eyes easily because the fish appears far away than it is in reality. That’s why you should not trust your eyes while targeting and aim low. When you totally understand the whole process, success could be easily found.

Risks of bowfishing:

There are some risks of bowfishing as well as the benefits. The risks are-

  1.       If you are planning to go bowfishing with your nine-year old child, you better think twice. A slight mistake in bowfishing or in the boat could be dangerous for you and your kid.
  2.       When the authority gives a signal for not fishing in that river, you should listen. Because there are risks of flood in some rivers in Texas like Trinity river.
  3.       Eating too much mercury could harm your body. So, try not to catch more fish at a time. This could help you to maintain the population of the fish and also not harm your health.
  4.       The snapback is the greatest risk of bowfishing that happens while using the wrong type of reel. If you get tangled with the line, you could injure yourself.
  5.       You need to set the place properly where you are going to put the fish. Because it could make the area slippery and you would hit your head by slipping in the boat.

Bowfishing is getting very popular nowadays. You should make yourself ready before going on a bowfishing trip. There are many guides available in Texas who could help you to do better. Whenever you are going bowfishing, just have fun and stay safe.

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