53 Cat Tattoos That Are Purrfect

3 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

41. This neo-traditional cat tattoo.

neo traditional


42. This paw print with a heart tattoo.

paw with a heart


43. These paw prints.



44. This sublime cat portrait.

profile cat


45. This vibrant rainbow paw print tattoo.

rainbow paws


46. This clever semi-colon cat tattoo.

semi colon cat


47. This artistic cat sketch tattoo.

sketched cat


48. This traditional cat tattoo.

traditional cat


49. This fantastic amazing watercolor cat on books tattoo.

watercolor cat on books


50. This creative ying yang cat tattoo.

ying yang


51. This watercolor beauty.

watercolor kitten


52. This mystical cat on a moon tattoo.

Cat and moon tattoo


53. This lady watercolor cat tattoo.

Minimalistic watercolor cat tattoo