114 Irresistible Tattoos For Women

2 years ago / By Alexandra Jones

81. This pretty hourglass tattoo for women.

hourglass tattoo for women


82. These clever ink and quill tattoos for women.

ink and quill tattoos for women


83. This invincible diamond wrist tattoo.



84. This gorgeous lacy heart tattoo.

lace heart tattoos for women


85. This one of a kind leaf print tattoo.

leaf print tattoos for women


86. This unusual line work tattoo.

line tattoos for women


87. This loving lion leg tattoo for women.

lion on leg tattoos for women


88. These matching yin yang tattoos for women.

matching tattoos


89. This encouraging tattoo.

matilda tattoos for women


90. This rad sketch style moon tattoo.


moon back tattoos for women