114 Irresistible Tattoos For Women

2 years ago / By Alexandra Jones

61. This dainty Dandelion tattoo.

cute balck and grey ankle tattoo


62. This arm and shoulder tattoo for women.

dandilion and birds tattoos for women


63. This neat Japanese style leg tattoo.

dragon tattoos for women


64. This unusual dragonfly chest tattoo for women.

dragonfly tattoos for women


65. This glorious elephant dreamcatcher tattoo.

elephant dreamcathcer tattoos for women


66. This minimalistic ankle tattoo.



67. This lovely anklet tattoo for women.

feather ancklet


68. This secretive tattoo.

feather behind ear tattoos for women


69. This endearing feather tattoo for women.

feather with a heart


70. This neat finger tattoo.

finger tattoos for women