114 Irresistible Tattoos For Women

2 years ago / By Alexandra Jones

31. This out of this planet ribcage tattoo for women.

3D hidden cheshire cat on ribs


32. This inspiring superhero leg sleeve tattoo for women.

3D superhero leg tattoo


33. This kick ass garter and tattoo gun tattoos for women.

3D tattoo machine in garter on thigh tattoo


34. This endearing Harry Potter tattoo.



35. This glorious full back tattoo for women.

abstract tattoos for women


36. This one of a kind leg tattoo for women.

abstrcat tattoos for women


37. These Alice in Wonderland tattoos for women.

alica in wonderland tattoos for women


38. This dotwork sleeve tattoo for women.

arm and hand flower tattoo


39. This black and grey dragonfly tattoo.

arm dragonfly tattoos for women


40. This cute arm feather tattoo for women.

arm feather1