114 Irresistible Tattoos For Women

2 years ago / By Alexandra Jones

11. This unique and random selection of tattoos for women.

random tattoos for women


12. This fabulous flower and whale tattoo by Zihwa.



13. This phenomenal wolf and roses tattoos for women.

wolf on tummy tattoos for women


14. This gorgeous pastel floral tattoo.

pastel floral tattoos for women


15. This sensual full back tattoo masterpiece.



16. These lovely leaf arrangement tattoos for women.



17. This cool half cat portrait tattoo.

half cat sketch tattoos for women


18. This rocking chest skull and flowers tattoos for women.

chest red skull tattoos for women


19. This intricate dragonfly tattoo.

full back dragonfly tattoos for women


20. This wishful dandelion tattoo.

dandelion watercolor tattoo