Beat the Quarantine Heat: 5 Ways to Feel the Beach Vibe While Staying Home

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Quarantine Heat

The COVID-19 pandemic has obviously ruined a lot of supposed 2020 vacation plans. Are we right about that? 

From the most-anticipated celebrations, family gatherings, out-of-town trips, travel abroad, and especially to the most longed-for summer holiday plans or beach getaways. 

Instead of having fun under the sun or having a great time fulfilling your 2020 vacation goals, you’re stuck and staying home following through the lockdown measures. 

But there’s no need for you to feel sad because there are still some ways you can do most especially if you’re truly missing the summer or beach vibe due to the pandemic.

So, beat the quarantine heat and bring the summer feels to the comfort of your home amid this quarantine season! 

1. Take a quick dip or swim in the pool

If there’s just one best way to beat the heat this quarantine period, that would definitely be the chance of taking a quick dip or swim in the pool. 

For those who have no swimming pool at home, you can still consider this tip by purchasing an inflatable pool, which you could still use for the next summer seasons to come. 

Feel that beach vibe while soaking in the pool with a glass of margarita on the side. And voila! You’ll win on beating the quarantine heat and boredom for sure.

2. Try on your custom swimwear

Your summer plans might be postponed due to the coronavirus disease outbreak. But never ever let it spoil your love for the summer season. 

It’s because you can still beat the lockdown boredom and the quarantine heat by trying on your custom swimwear at home. Get a portion of the beach haven by putting on your custom swimwear, two-piece swimsuits, and other beachwear, even just for fun. 

Of course, don’t forget to take some Insta-worthy selfie shots with your lovely custom swimwear or two-piece swimsuits on, okay?  

3. Wear a pair of sunnies

Who says you can’t be stylish during the home quarantine season? Well, prove them wrong with this next tip. 

After putting on your custom swimwear or beachwear for some selfie shots, the next thing you would want to do is to upgrade your overall quarantine beach look by adding a cute pair of sunnies. 

Whether you’re dressed up for a quick dip in the pool or simply styled for a casual day, you can still channel the beach vibe by partnering your stay at home outfits with the classic sunnies. 

4. Get a beach wave perm

If you’re running out of ideas to feel the beach or summer vibe while staying home, then you better not disregard this next tip we have for you. 

Boost your quarantine mood and beat the heat by getting your hair a beach wave perm that it deserves. 

As soon as you have your hair done, you’ll see how much it can give you the beach vibe you’ve been longing for this entire home quarantine period. 

5. Watch different beach livestreams

The last tip we have on the list may sound a bit odd and untrue but believe it or not, different beach livestreams are a thing right now. 

Most especially that resorts and beaches weren’t able to accommodate or entertain customers due to the implemented lockdown orders. 

So, if you’re highly missing the beach and the summer feels, why not consider watching various beach livestreams while staying home? 

Although this tip might somehow make you miss the beach vibe a little more, one thing’s for sure, you’ll have a virtual glimpse of the beach paradise you’ve been yearning for even if you’re stuck and quarantined at home. 

There go five of the simplest ways you can do to beat the quarantine heat and boredom now that you’re ordered to stay home in light of the COVID-19 spread. 

If you think that these tips are worth giving a shot, let us hear your thoughts or feedback by commenting them below.  

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