Bazhen Nikitin: Tattoo Extraordinaire

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Bazhen Nikitin, an accomplished tattoo artist from Ufa, Russia, has established a name for himself in the international tattoo market. Since he was 13 years old, Bazhen has been painting and creating art. Once upon a time, he drew simple designs that subsequently blossomed into intricate works of art. As he continued to develop his artistic abilities, he enrolled in a university of design in order to further his education. He purchased his first tattoo gun during college and hasn’t put it down since. After two years of studies in his design school, his enthusiasm for tattooing got so intense that he decided to pursue it professionally.

Bazhen, who is now a well-known tattoo artist in his area, ensures that his work stands out from the throng. The majority of his works feature medieval themes, such as ancient texts and unusual creatures. Due to the unique nature of his creations, he does not accept custom tattoo orders. All of the tattoos he gives are original creations by Bazhen.

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One-of-a-Kind Designs in Nikitin Originals

Bazhen has cultivated his own tattooing style over the past few years as a result of the fact that all of his work is original. His clean yet intricate linework enables him to create exquisitely beautiful works of art for his clientele. Many tattoo lovers in Bazhen’s region covet his works. Some customers have gone great distances to acquire one of his one-of-a-kind designs. As Bazhen tattoos more clients, his work has continued to gain recognition, causing more individuals to seek him out for his one-of-a-kind tattoos.

When consumers select Bazhen as their tattoo artist, they are aware that he is an expert in his field. Bazhen ensures that every stage of the tattooing procedure, from design to placement to station setup to aftercare, is communicated in a clear and concise manner. He also ensures that all of his clients are aware of how to properly care for their fresh tattoos to avoid scarring or infection. Every step of the process, he makes it plain that he desires the best for his clients.


Traveling and International Acclaim

Bazhen does not merely sit and wait for customers, though. In fact, Bazhen enjoys traveling! He has been to numerous locations to provide tattoos to locals. He has even worked as a guest tattoo artist in worldwide tattoo parlors. Now, Bazhen is searching for a more permanent residence. Long-term, greater consistency will provide him with more possibilities to solidify his tattooing methods.

Throughout the past several years, Bazhen has accomplished a number of noteworthy achievements. Bazhen has made it very clear that he will never stop his career development, as evidenced by his rapidly expanding clientele and expanded selection of tattoo designs. Bazhen has earned a prize in the Line Work category at the International Online Tattoo Convention. Even the most seasoned artists at the convention were astonished by his distinctive style and strange designs, which brought him even more attention. Bazhen’s work never disappoints those in search of an artist who thinks creatively beyond the box.

Bazhen was invited to Artstation II International 2021 as a tattoo master due to his experience. This event is hosted for tattoo artists all around the world and only features the finest examples of the international tattoo business. This invitation provided Bazhen with yet another chance to exhibit his unique style and designs to the world.


Gathering Inspiration and Making an Impact

Currently, when Bazhen is not tattooing, he is frequently sketching designs for future tattoos. He also enjoys natural walks, which provide him with ideas for future works. Those interested in his art can reach him on Instagram at @heaventattooer, where he routinely posts images of his most recent works. Some of his most recent posts have tattoos in his signature medieval style that include animals, skulls, weaponry, humans, and astrology. Bazhen’s unique, one-of-a-kind animals are the result of the blending of diverse elements, which can only be obtained from him.

The road to get to where Bazhen is currently wasn’t easy. It was frequently paved with self-doubt, disillusionment, and failure. Fortunately, Bazhen never abandoned his dreams. He persevered through some of the most difficult times in his life by dedicating himself to his work and pursuing his passion regardless of the circumstances.

Bazhen Nikitin is making a significant contribution to the growth of the tattoo industry through his efforts. He will continue to hone his abilities and share information with other aspiring tattoo artists in the future. Bazhen hopes that his talent and commitment would inspire future tattoo artists to pursue their goals and create their own distinctive tattooing styles. Until then, he intends to continue doing what he does best: providing clients with some of the world’s finest works of art.