AQUEFIER Heat Recovery Unit | A Detailed Product Guide

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The AQUEFIER offers a low-cost hot water solution for domestics. Its heat recovery unit captures the waste heat discharged from the refrigerant cycle in a Heat Pump or Air Conditioner. Next, it transfers the stored heat into a water heater tank. There are several advantages of using AQUEFIER Heat Recovery Unit as it can: 

  • Alleviate the amount of energy required to provide domestic hot water.
  • Boost the cooling efficiency of the Air Conditioner or Heat Pump while it is running. 

To know more about the AQUEFIER heat recovery unit, read this post until the end. 

How Does A Heat Recovery Unit Work?

To know how an HRU works, you need to understand its basic methodology. A small pump with the water heater in the first place. When your Air Conditioner is operating, it pulls the water from the coolest part of the water heater. Next, the water is moved to heat exchanges where your AC system’s refrigerant heats up the water. The AQUEFIER HRU unit is one of the most applauded technologies over the past 25 years, having a sale of 500,000 units. Please note that adding the heat recovery unit to your AC system or Heat pump will not alter their warranties. 

Advantages You Can Harvest By Using the AQUEFIER Heat Recovery Unit

Below are the main advantages you can get from using the AQUEFOER Heat Recovery Unit: 

Hassle and Maintenance Free

The heat recovery unit is straightforward to use and free from trouble and maintenance. It can provide unlimited hot water to suit your extensive water heating needs. Moreover, it is a cost-effective solution that can provide hot water without investing the extra effort. The trouble-free and fewer maintenance features of AQUEFIER HRU makes it popular among the users. 

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AQUEFIER HRU enables you to heat your water for free using the waste heat from your AC system. Hence, it is not wise to pay for fossil fuel energy for water heating. The HRU offers a sure-shot return on the investment of 15%. Above all, you manage your domestic water heating to 140°F for all household chores without fear of cross-contamination.

Greater Air Conditioner Efficiency

The HRU not only conserves energy for you but also improves the efficiency of your AC system. Besides, it can also save your money on the operations. The heat recovery unit reduces the pressure on the AC system’s compressor, thereby increases the life of the compressor. When the pressure on the AC is alleviated, it requires less maintenance and can run for a more extended period of time. Above all, the Air Conditioner’s increased efficiency can save up to $15 to $20 per month.

Easy Installation (Indoor & Outside) 

The installation of the AQUEFIER is very easy. It can be installed both indoor and outside for both A/C systems and heat pumps. In warm climates, you can mount the compact units externally with piping run from the unit to the water heater. Besides, you can also mount the heat recovery unit internally to prevent water freezing and running additional water lines.

Salient Features of the Heat Recovery Unit

Navigate through the below-given list to read the main features of the AQUEFIER:

  • The unit for domestic hot water is from Residential HVAC Systems.
  • The 230-volt wiring of the unit makes it easy to connect to the compressor contactor. 
  • The operation of the unit is fully automatic to save your time and efforts. 
  • It has factory wired and predefined controls for different temperatures. 
  • To ensure the utmost security, it has a grounded electric circuit.
  • Furthermore, it has water connection accessories available.
  • The all-copper heat exchanger provides the optimal efficiency of the unit.
  • AQUEFIER offers a wide range of Heat Pump or Straight Cool Models to choose from. 
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Primary Benefits of using a Heat Recovery System

Using the AQUEFIER heat recovery system, you can harvest the below-given benefits: 

  • It can produce up to 5-7 gallons of hot water against per ton of compressor rating. 
  • The operation of the unit is fully automatic, and you don’t need to invert extra efforts. 
  • AQUEFIER heat recovery system is ARL listed and has UL approved components used in it. 
  • It can heat the water up to 120-140 degrees F.
  • The use of the heat recovery unit improves the efficiency of the compressor and extends the compressor life. 

Main Specifications about the AQUEFIER® Heat Recovery Units

You can find the main specifications of the product in the below-given list. Please note that these specifications are subject to change without any prior notice. 

Location/Mounting of the Unit

AQUEFIER® Heat Recovery Units can be easily mounted indoors or outdoors as per your convenience. However, you should mount them vertically on the top of the condenser. Usually, the unit is placed outdoors near the air conditioning appliance. However, you can place them at any suitable place, such as a laundry room or garage.


AQUIFER models offer a water high limit control and do not exceed 140 degrees F. Besides, it is factory set to 125 degrees F as the lower limit. On the other hand, optional freeze-protection models have a factory-set water low limit of 50 degrees F. When a water temperature of 40 degrees F or less is detected, it will start to work. 

Heat Exchanger

AQUEFIER Heat Recovery Unit has an anti-corrosive heat exchanger with double walls. Besides, it has a counter-flow twin-tube design. The heat exchanger is made of copper metal. The heat exchanger is devised in compliance with the strict IAPMP safety criteria and exceeds UL requirements. 

Circulator Pump

Furthermore, the unit contains a low wattage wet rotor in-line single-stage circulator. The circulator pump is suitable for 125 psi working pressure. Besides, it works up to 220ºF fluid temperature. The pump housing is made of bronze, and the bearings are ceramic.

Final Words

Now that you are here, we hope that you have read the full blog and most of your doubts related to the AQUEFIER Heat Recovery Unit are clear. Also, you can get it installed in a suitable place to fulfill your water heating needs and harvest its several advantages. Visit our blog section if you want more awe-inspiring posts to quench your reading thirst. 

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