Making Your Mark: Becoming A Pro Tattoo Artist With A Shop

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Around 92% of people with tattoos claim that they are thrilled with them, according to Ipsos. If you’re planning on becoming a tattoo artist, bringing that kind of joy is part of the job. What matters the most is being prepared before you take your first steps toward having your own tattoo parlor. So what do you need to be a pro tattoo artist that has their own shop?

Experience and Licensing

For starters, you’re going to need experience. Professional tattoo hopefuls should have, at least three years of apprenticeship, according to the Alliance of Professional Tattoo Artists. Working under a mentor within a professional environment can provide priceless experience regarding design, sterilization, and client-handling. Once you’ve got the experience, getting a licensing is the next step. Depending on where you are, the requirements might differ, but they generally include logged hours, a tattoo portfolio, a written exam, and a skills assessment. A license will enable you to practice body art on a professional level in various areas.

Business Insurance

If you’re planning on opening up a tattoo shop in the US, you should know that most states require businesses to obtain workers compensation insurance. What this form of insurance does is it protects you from having to pay out of your own pocket if any of your employees get injured while at work. Another form of insurance that you should look into is business liability insurance, which will protect your business if you are sued by someone that is injured at your tattoo shop. At the end of the day, payments toward insurance are an investment to shield you, your finances, and your shop from any unforeseen legal circumstances.

The Right Equipment

Naturally, your tattoo shop will need the proper equipment to facilitate your business. Some basic equipment you’ll need is your tattoo machine, a seat for both you and your client, trays, sanitizers, proper bins for disposal, and many others. It’s smart to start small and slowly build up your clientele. What you should remember is that as long as you produce great art and have a clean shop, people will show up.

There are several other things that you may need, but these are the core that forms a tattoo parlor. Of course, it’s best to remember that at the very core of all these things is you and your love of body art. Stay faithful to the vision that you have regarding your art and gather the necessary components to be a pro tattoo artist with a shop.