8 Types of Drinks Pregnant Women Should Consume

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Before getting and while being pregnant, there will be a considerable change in what pregnant women should consume. If not aware of healthy food or Drinks for Pregnant Women, there may be a risk of having complications that may arise during your pregnancy journey.

So, once you know that you’re pregnant or trying to get conceived, there are certain foods and drinks that you must have and avoid. You should be careful while putting anything in your mouth, as some drinks and foods have qualities that cause difficulties to you and your baby.

So, to enlighten you about food, especially Drinks for Pregnant Women, we’ve crafted this blog for pregnant women. Though you might have heard a lot about this topic from your friends and family, reading by yourself will have a greater impact on your mind, and thus you are compelled to follow the same.

  1. Water is the most important drink

Water is a must for our survival. And the importance of it increases tenfold during pregnancy. There are various reasons why pregnant women must have sufficient water intake daily, at least 10 cups of water. Whether for replenishing amniotic fluid or to produce more breastfeeding milk after delivery or generally for having healthy pregnancy – drinking water must become a priority.

If you’re an avid drinker before pregnancy, then you need to maintain the same vigour, even though you don’t feel like drinking (early pregnancy symptoms). However, if you’re not so keen on drinking water, then there’s only one advice – drink up!

  1. Go for orange juice daily

You can increase your water intake, well, by not drinking water, like in the form of orange juice. Orange juice consists of all the essential elements like vitamin C which boost your immune system. It is crucial to take care of your immunity as pregnant women tend to have a low immunity rate, and may fall victim to infections, cold, fever, etc.

Moreover, orange juice consists of substances that increase the iron absorption rate, and also folate which helps in the baby’s neural development. So, it’s a must to consume orange juice at least once in two days.

  1. Say yes to sports drinks

Pregnant women suffer from various kinds of pains. Be it leg cramps, back pain, headache, etc., – it can be tiring to bear these pains while carrying out your normal lifestyle. To alleviate your pain, have sports drinks with electrolytes which contain elements that can cause the relief to any kind of pain you have. However, make sure to consult your doctor before taking these kinds of Drinks for Pregnant Women.

  1. Always opt for pasteurised milk
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Milk is the second most important drink to consume after water for pregnant ladies. It’s an all-rounder as it contains proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. All these are essential elements for the bone development of the baby, especially in the third trimester.

Most of the baby’s growth happens in the last months, so make sure you include milk in your daily diet, at least one glass per day. If you’re allergic to milk, consuming cow’s milk will be better for pregnant women as they are shown to have tolerance towards it.

  1. Hurray for herbal tea

If you don’t feel like drinking water always, you can have tea for a change, especially herbal tea. It consists of water and has full of antioxidants which are much needed for pregnant women. Moreover, it is caffeine-free, which means you can avoid this drug while being pregnant. Of all the herbal teas available in the market, make sure you are consuming rooibos tea and red raspberry tea. The latter is particularly helpful for toning your uterus muscle and help you to push during delivery time. You can also have green tea, however, read here the expert’s guide on the healthiest beverage.

  1. Lemonade is simple yet effective

Imagine you’re pregnant during the summer months. You have to replenish the lost fluids from time to time to feel energetic always. The best solution is to consume lemonade. It’s simple, refreshing, and good for your pregnant body. It also helps those who have morning sickness. Consuming lemons mixed with water is the best-known method to reduce nausea. As it’s one of the common symptoms during early pregnancy, make sure to have a glass of lemonade. However, if you’re pregnant in the winter months, it’s best to avoid it.

  1. Bone broth for added strength

Some women are known to have a high rate of vomiting, and they won’t be able to keep a single thing in their mouth. However, you have to make sure you’re replacing the lost fluids and nutrients in your body. Having bone broth is the best solution for these types of women. It has all the ingredients needed like water, vitamins, protein, nutrients, etc.,

  1. Coconut water is a must

Coconut water contains phosphorous and other minerals that are needed for your body. It’s also the best alternative to sugary drinks and is a healthy drink option for pregnant women. For women who suffer from morning sickness, you can have coconut water on an empty stomach as it’s the best time for the body to absorb all the nutrients present in it.

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So, there you go – the healthiest beverages to Drinks for Pregnant Women. Hope this list will benefit you and your baby. But along with it, you should also have an idea of what drinks to avoid, so let’s see a brief about it.

Drinks You Need to Avoid While Being Pregnant

Being pregnant not only involves you but your unborn baby as well. A lot of things depend on how you’re taking care of yourself and what diet you’re consuming daily. From the start of conceiving to the end of delivery – you must be cautious of what you’re sending inside your body. Because what you think are normal foods and drinks may be harmful to your unborn baby while being pregnant. Hence, we have added here drinks that you need to avoid while being pregnant:

Coffee is the foremost drink you should limit yourself while carrying. As it contains caffeine which hampers the growth of your baby – it’s vital that you avoid it, especially in the early months. Later, you can limit the intake to one cup of coffee a day. Still, it’s best to avoid it.

If you think you can relax while having a glass of wine in your backyard, think again because alcohol is also a drink you need to avoid at all costs. Like caffeine, alcohol can have adverse effects and stops the proper development of your baby. So, during the 9-months pregnancy and while breastfeeding, it’s strongly recommended to avoid it.

Unpasteurised milk is another drink that you need to avoid as it contains harmful bacteria. It can affect your growing uterus, baby, leading to various complications during pregnancy.

Sugary and carbonated drinks may soothe your throat with their chilly taste but are harmful to your body and baby. The high sugar content may lead to gestational diabetes and other complications. Moreover, they add zero nutritional value to your system, and additionally, the gas present in the drinks can increase the acidity problem.

As mentioned, there are several drinks that are harmful to your body. So, whatever you do, always consult your doctor before doing anything – even if it’s as small as drinking a tiny glass of your favourite drink. It’s better to careful at first than to feel regret later.

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