7 Phrases You Should Never Say to a Pregnant Woman

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tattoo on pregnant woman

If your girlfriend, colleague or close friend is pregnant, then be very careful. Some pregnant women become very sensitive and nervous due to hormonal changes and endless experiences about the upcoming lying-in. One thoughtless phrase can provoke a real catastrophe, the consequences of which can be unpredictable. Communication with a pregnant woman is not the same as talking with Russian girls online, don’t forget about that. There are 7 things that are not worth talking to the mum-to-be if you are not suicidal. One can make a tattoo while she is pregnant.

1. “You’re Pregnant, Not Sick”

Well, why does she make up some ailments if she doesn’t have a baby bump? You believe she is just a lazy girl who does not want to work and fulfill her duties. However, pregnancy is a huge strain on a woman’s body. Back pain and morning toxemia are a small part of all problems. Often it is also about problems with kidneys and intracranial pressure, mood swings and dizziness. This is not as simple as it seems from the outside. Therefore, show at least a little respect.

2. “When I Was Your Age …”

Let’s remember the times when women gave birth in the field, and they did not get maternity leave. What do you hope to achieve, making such statements? Do you think a pregnant woman will give up all the advantages of the modern world? You shouldn’t envy the fact that she is luckier than many women in the past, and that she continues to take care of her beauty. Be kinder, she tries as hard as she can.

3. “How Long Did You Try to Get Pregnant?”

Why do you care? Are you her gynecologist or family doctor? This question is too personal and tactless, and it can provoke a lot of painful experiences. Don’t try to assess the reproductive health of the expectant mother. She didn’t ask you about it! Even if the girl is pregnant with triplets, and she is well over 30, you still shouldn’t poke nose into her life.

4. “You Shouldn’t Eat These Products and Wear Those Clothes…”

Your sincere concern for her health is touching, but don’t overdo. Pregnant women are aware of the prohibitions and restrictions that are worth adhering to, they read a lot of literature, attend monthly assessments where they are consulted by real experts. Do you think you will say something new? And by the way, she is also aware of the dangers of nerves and stress, but it can be difficult for her to control herself due to hormones.

5. “Have You Already Come up with a Name?”

You cannot imagine how many times pregnant women listen to such questions. Leave her alone, they will notify you if they see fit. Do not read coffee grounds about the sex of the child, ultrasound has already shown everything. A pregnant girl might not want to rush things, and this topic is too exciting for her. Respect the personal space of the future parent.

6. “Let Me Touch Your Baby Bump”

A woman’s belly is a very intimate part of the body, especially if a new life grows there. Few women will be pleased when people try to violate their comfort zone (except for a husband and a doctor). Pregnant women are often overly sensitive and superstitious in this regard. Besides, her maternal instinct to protect future offspring may turn on. So, first, ask permission.

7. “We Have Many Baby Clothes”

On the one hand, such help can be useful because strollers, sliders, diapers cost big money. On the other hand, you should not impose your help if you do not know how a pregnant woman will react to this. She can either be happy or offended, not wanting to dress her baby in things, which another kid has already worn. Do not follow the logic of “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.” You risk facing misunderstanding.


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