6 Things You Should Check Before Buying the Best Health Insurance for Diabetics in India

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There are innumerable lifestyle-related diseases that have been on the rise in present times, and the onset of the global pandemic has only made matters more serious. Everyone in India has felt the need for an insurance policy that can cover them and their families in such distressing times. Lifestyle-related diseases can result from less activity, stressful work life, unhealthy eating habits and many similar reasons. Unfortunately, India records one of the highest numbers of diabetics globally, and many of these patients are often unable to pay those hefty medical bills or shell out treatment expenditure. This is where the best health insurance for diabetics in India comes to play! 

With this type of health insurance cover, you can not only afford the best-in-class treatment but also enjoy various other benefits like transportation to the hospital and cashless coverage, to name a few. Moreover, there is always the tax benefit that comes along with insurance plans, which can also help you plan your finances better. 

However, before you finalise the best health insurance for diabetics in India and proceed to buy, here is everything you should look out for in the insurance policy: 

  1. Annual Health Check-Ups

The best health insurance for diabetics in India should cover your annual health check-ups and even for those family members who are covered alongside you with this insurance policy. There are many tests that diabetic patients must undergo, like complete blood sugar, urine routine, ECG check-up, kidney function, etc., and it is a relief to have the insurance policy cover these costs annually. 

2. In-Patient Hospitalisation

When a policyholder has been hospitalised in a network hospital for more than 24 hours, then the best health insurance for diabetics in India can cover room charges, nursing expenses, blood, oxygen, surgeon’s fees, and other OT-related charges, as well.

3. Pre-and post-hospitalisation charges

While most health insurers cover pre- hospitalisation and post hospitalisation charges, an individual should incur the charges as per the category. For example, for pre-hospitalisation, an individual can incur the cost 30 days before getting admitted to the hospital, and for post-hospitalisation, the charges can be incurred after 60 days.

4. Charges for Daycare Treatment

Apart from the overnight hospitalisation charges, many policyholders often do not realise this, but the best health insurance for diabetics in India will also cover expenses and bills of their daycare treatment, i.e., where the patient is not hospitalised through the night.

5. Payment for Transit, i.e., Ambulance Cover

Having immediate access to treatment and hospitalisation is one of the major needs of every patient, and the best health insurance for diabetics in India can ensure you get an ambulance cover in your policy itself. Your family can ensure you reach the hospital safely and in time while the health insurance cover can look after the expenses incurred in the transit.

6. Coverage for Dialysis

Some of the best health insurance for diabetics in India offers dialysis cover with few limitations on the sum insured. Usually, a limited part of dialysis is covered under the amount; however, there are no sub-limits for ICU expenses. Also, the insured will need to check for the coverage amount’s upper cap.

7. Payment Towards Domiciliary Hospitalisation

Suppose the patient cannot shift to the hospital for certain reasons or have no bed availability. This can act as the most important benefit of the best health insurance for diabetics in India. Furthermore, if you are admitted to a domiciliary hospital for more than three days, you will be compensated under your health insurance coverage.

If for some reason, the patient is unable to shift to the hospital or if the hospital does not have any vacant beds for the patient, then this is one of the most essential benefits that the best health insurance for diabetics in India can offer. In an event where the domiciliary hospitalisation takes place for more than three consecutive days, then you get reimbursed because of your health policy.

Apart from these benefits that the best health insurance for diabetics in India offers its policyholder, there is also the tax benefit that you can enjoy. Under section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961, you can claim a deduction on your tax payment against the premium you pay towards this policy annually. This tax deduction can be claimed as long as your policy remains active and you are paying premiums towards the same. Additionally, you can also claim benefit for your dependent parents if you pay their premium towards the policy.

The best health insurance for diabetics in India can help reduce your financial burden while allowing you to get the best possible treatment for diabetes and other related illnesses. Make it a point to compare policies from different insurance providers and customise the cover to suit yourself and your family members aptly. It will be favourable for you, as the policy buyer to opt for a dependable insurer such as Care Health Insurance to steer clear of any financial obstacles in the future. 

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