6 Great Gift Ideas for the Tattoo Lovers in Your Life

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It seems like most people have tattoos these days; they can be beautiful expressions of a person’s individuality. Some of them can also increase your overall appeal. Regardless of an individual’s reason for getting tattoos, they are pretty awesome.

You may know someone with many tattoos, and a memorable occasion may be coming up, like a birthday or anniversary. Rather than gift them something cliche, you’re trying to think outside the box. To help out, we’ve outlined a few intriguing gift ideas for tattoo lovers that will surely make them a happy camper.

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1. Tattoo Numbing Cream

Although you may have a loved one that loves tattoos, the experience can be a little uncomfortable each time they get one. So why don’t you mitigate their discomfort by getting them tattoo numbing cream? It’s a great product they can put on before their tattoo sessions.

Instead of wincing with every needle movement, the tattoo numbing cream will make the pain nonexistent. That way, they can have a better overall experience. However, tattoo numbing cream should only be used before sessions and not afterward. The ingredients may hinder your tattoo’s healing process.

2. Tattoo Moisturizer

Tattoo numbing cream is great for application before a session. But a tattoo lover will really appreciate a moisturizer. They probably use this product frequently because it seems like they’re always healing a tattoo.

The tattoo moisturizer can help the healing process by limiting the scabbing as it starts getting better. Furthermore, as they know well, the itchiness from healing tattoos can be annoying, so a moisturizer can help them avoid scratching. If you plan on buying a moisturizer, use one that isn’t scented; it could cause irritation and discomfort in new tattoos.

3. Tattoo Sunscreen

A great thing about tattoos is how great they look on a lovely summer’s day. People get to show off their ink in different places and intrigue onlookers. But as fun as that moment may be, it can also damage tattoos.

The sun’s UV rays can interfere with the tattoo healing process. That’s why you’ll often hear tattoo artists say to limit sun exposure for about three weeks after getting a tattoo. But after it’s healed, direct exposure can cause it to start fading slightly; this won’t happen immediately but can after repeated occurrences.

To protect a tattoo lover’s ink, gift them a tattoo sunscreen. It can help limit the fading of the tattoo over time. Plus, it helps protect their skin from any discomfort. That way, if they want to show off their ink on a sunny day, they can do so while being fully protected.

4. Books About Tattoos

Your loved one’s interest in tattoos could go well beyond ink on their skin. They might be interested in the history of tattoos as well. So why not gift them a book about tattoos? It could provide insight into the process of the thing they love.

Books about tattoos might also spark ideas about future tattoos. If they’ve struggled with concepts recently, gift them a tattoo book and help their creative juices flow again.

5. Personalized Items

Buying gifts for someone can be challenging because you want to ensure it’s not to cliche. There are only so many socks, cards, flowers, and shirts that you can get a person. But if you know they’re a tattoo lover, you could also personalize the item.

You could buy them a rug with various tattoo symbols, with their name etched across the top. Another item you could purchase is a tattooed glass or plate with pictures that mean something to you. Remember, it’s the thought that counts, and they will surely appreciate the personalized touch.

6. Event Tickets

During discussions with your tattoo loved one, it’s your job to pick up on cues. They could be dying to get to a tattoo convention because it’s been impossible to go. That’s where you slide in with tickets to this event.

Tattoo conventions are like a rite of passage for tattoo lovers. They’ll be able to meet like-minded individuals and shower themselves with everything that has to do with tattoos. Their favorite tattoo artist might even make an appearance, and they could get some new ink on the spot. Do some research about when the next event is and buy the tickets quickly before they go out of sale.

Here Are Some Gift Ideas for Tattoo Lovers

Switching up gifts is what life is all about. And if you have a tattoo lover in your life, there’s a plethora of things you can buy them. Try to be as creative as possible. You don’t have to purchase one gift; mix and match to blow their expectations out of the water and get showered with appreciation.