6 Best Part-Time Jobs for College Students That Don’t Distract From Studies

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Working while being in college has many perks. However, there is one huge issue that always gets in the way. While still being a student, you are most likely spending all your time attending lectures, preparing for exams, and doing loads of homework. Studying full-time, students barely have time for anything else. So, if you decide to look for a job, you will have only two ways to cope with everything.

First of all, you can find a reliable academic helper to ask, “best admission essay writing service” and save time for your job. This way, you will keep your grades up and, at the same time, will have enough time and energy to do your work. But, there is also another solution – you can get a job that won’t distract you from your studies, and we are going to give you some ideas on the options that are out there. Let’s dive in!

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1. Tutoring

Are you good at a specific subject? If the answer is yes, this could be your chance to start making money by tutoring others. You can offer to tutor your fellow students, give lessons on Zoom, or register at such online platforms as Superprof or Preply.

This job has a few benefits. First of all, while teaching others, you will keep your own brain sharp and will not have to worry about losing your knowledge or skills. Secondly, as a freelance tutor, you will have the opportunity to shape your own schedule however you want. And, it also pays well.

2. Academic Writing

Another fun opportunity is academic writing. Students of all academic levels (and you too, probably) have always relied on service like essay writing services reviews on EssayReviews.com to find the best service for their essay. This means that demand for high-quality academic writing is high, and so is the price. You can use this to your benefit and work as an academic writer yourself.

Same as in the case with tutoring, this job will give you a chance to be your own boss and plan your working schedule to fit into your busy schedule. Thus, when your studies get intensive, you will be able to reduce the workload and, on the contrary, you will have an opportunity to take more orders when you have more free time.

3. Copywriting

If writing academic papers for others sounds too complicated, one more option to try is copywriting. On various freelance websites like Fiverr or Upwork, there are thousands of jobs for content writers. Many of such jobs are pretty easy to handle. All you will need is a good command of the English language and solid writing skills.

The good news is that copywriters can earn from $12 to $25 per hour, or even more. Thus, this job will give you enough money for a living, enough flexibility, and minimum distractions from your studies.

4. On-Campus Jobs

Want to have a well-paid job that won’t become a distraction? Most colleges and universities offer a variety of student support jobs to give their students a chance to earn some money. Typically, such jobs involve simple admin tasks and are relatively stress-free.

Best part? To do such a job, you won’t even need to leave your college’s campus. Besides, such jobs will look good on your future resume. So, it is also a great option.

5. Bartender

For students who don’t mind spending work shifts in loud and crowded places, the job of a part-time bartender can be a good option to consider. Bartenders often work at night, which means you will have full days all to yourself and plenty of time for studying and doing other things. Besides, such jobs often pay well, not to mention generous tips you can grab home with you at the end of every shift.

However, there are a couple of drawbacks to keep in mind. First of all, depending on your location, there might be certain age requirements to land a job as a bartender. Secondly, working night shifts can be very draining if you are not really a night person. However, if you love parties, music, and crowds of people, this job can be very fun.

6. Social Media Manager

At the end of our list of the top part-time jobs for students that won’t be too distracting, there is a job of a social media manager. The benefits of this job are obvious – you can manage your schedule yourself, you can work on the go, you can turn it into a rather high and stable income, and you can do what you like.

Imagine spending a few hours a day on social networks like you usually do. But, this time, you will also get paid for it. We bet this will sound like a dream job to many.

The Bottom Line

So, now you have a few part-time job ideas that will let you make some money for a living but won’t distract you from your college tasks.

Of course, whatever job you choose, it is still a job. That is, it will take time and energy to get your job done. But, with a bit of motivation, solid time management, and reliable helpers by your side, you should be able to combine your work with studying in college. And, the part-time jobs we shared with you in this article are the easiest to combine with being a student. Now, all that is left for you to do is to choose which option suits you best. Good luck!