5 Interesting Themes of Escape Rooms Across the U.S 

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Prepare to explore the U.S. like never before through five captivating escape room themes. 

From a haunted mansion’s spine-chilling mysteries to a futuristic spaceship’s high-tech conundrums, these interactive adventures offer an exhilarating mix of storytelling, problem-solving, and teamwork. 

Step into the thrill and excitement of these immersive environments today! 

1.The Asylum: The Doctor’s Secret by Lost Games, Las Vegas

Set in a mysterious asylum, “The Asylum: The Doctor’s Secret” by Lost Games, an escape room in Vegas, provides an engaging, thrilling, and family-friendly escape room experience across the US for those aged 10 and above. With a balance of eerie intrigue and puzzling challenges, it sparks the imaginations of both kids and adults alike. For 60 minutes, participants delve into a narrative of unexplained phenomena, offering an unforgettable, medium-intensity adventure that is accessible to all.

Image: https://lostgameslv.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/doctors-secret-5.jpg 

2.The Haunted Hotel by BrainXcape, New York City 

With its eerie allure, the Haunted Hotel escape room by BrainXcape in NY presents a thrilling challenge for all ages across the U.S. Its unique combination of luxury, history, and spectral mysteries guarantees a gripping 60-minute adventure, accessible from just $34 per person. It’s a stirring journey through the uncanny, transcending typical escape room experiences and engaging everyone’s wildest imaginations. 

3.Zodiac by Fox in a Box, Chicago

Fox in a Box’s Zodiac escape room in Chicago presents a thrilling, immersive experience inspired by the infamous Zodiac killer. Although tailored for those 18 years and older, it captivates participants of various age groups across the US, providing a unique challenge. This gripping adventure can be enjoyed by teams of 2 to 5 players, ensuring an engaging experience while addressing individual comfort levels.

4.The Floor Is Lava by Lost Games, Las Vegas

Lost Games Las Vegas presents ‘The Floor Is Lava,’ an exhilarating social deduction game that invites you to outsmart your opponents in a thrilling test of survival. Designed for players aged 10 and up, this immersive experience uses team strategies and mental agility, making it a uniquely engaging, family-friendly activity. Accessible across the US, it brings crime thrillers to life, providing an adventure that captivates all age groups.

5.Escape The Bar by Solve The Room, New Jersey 

“Escape the Bar” by Solve The Room in New Jersey offers an adventurous journey into the prohibition era for ages 12 and up. It’s an engaging, fantasy-themed escape room where participants puzzle their way out of a locked, clandestine bar. With a modest escape rate, it guarantees thrill and challenge to all age groups across the US, presenting an exciting blend of history, suspense, and teamwork.

From spine-tingling mysteries to science-fiction escapades, these five fascinating escape room themes across the U.S. offer unparalleled experiences

They test your teamwork and problem-solving abilities while captivating you with their immersive narratives. Engage in these thrilling adventures, and discover a new, interactive way to explore America’s creativity and innovation.