4 Tips for Beginners to Vape Like a Pro

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Vape Like a Pro

The vaping world is fast-growing, and many people are fast gaining interest in becoming vapers. Many vapers want to become pros instantly, which is quite dangerous because of the possibility of accidents. They fear looking like rookies before friends hence the desire to try new things. There is nothing bad with being a rookie; soon, you will cross to the next chapter. In this article, you will know about 4 Tips for Beginners to Vape Like a Pro.

Vaping needs patience to become a pro; however, after a few weeks into vaping, most vapers get curious and seek ways to become pros in vaping. They begin looking for fun, cool and exciting ideas, such as experimenting with different styles. Becoming a pro requires time, but you can learn a few tips that will make you vape like a pro Suorin vapes.

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1. Choose a high-quality vaping device.

Getting a suitable vaping device should be a priority for you. The device should be stylish, simple, and deliver the right hits. There are many vaping devices you can choose from. Research the ones perfect for beginners before selecting, and you can try either of these:

  • Box pods
  • Vape pens
  • Vape mods.

If you plan to become a pro by doing a few tricks, vape pens will not deliver what you need; you will need a device capable of producing dense and powerful vapor. Or you can try special vape pens capable of delivering your needs. You can visit the website here to check out some powerful vaping devices. 

2. Find the appropriate PG/VG ratio.

Vape liquids have two main ingredients: vegetable glycerin (VG) and Propylene glycol (PG). When the PG concentration is high, you will get powerful throat hits but smaller amounts of vapor.  You will get quality flavors, more vapor production, and smoother throat hits when the VG is high. Depending on your choice, select a premium vape juice with the correct ratio, do not go for cheap vape juices because they can be dangerous.

3. Try sub-Ohms vaping

Vaping pros love getting powerful throat hits; however, the powerful throat hits may be harmful to beginners, primarily if you are not used to vaping nicotine. You can resolve for smoother throat hits that you can get in Sub-Ohms vaping. It has some advantages over regular vaping, which makes you appear like a vaping pro. 

Sub-Ohm vaping generates more flavor, which allows you to enjoy the taste of your vape juice. Due to increased heating and improved airflow create more vapor, allowing you to produce dense vape clouds. You will appear cool and like someone with experience in vaping when you produce thick white clouds bigger than everyone around. Besides, the method is less harmful and does not require much training, unlike regular vaping. Sub-Ohms, vaping appears cool and stylish hence attracting the attention of viewers who will quickly recognize you for your vaping experience. 

However, sub-Ohms have certain disadvantages that you may find inconvenient. You will have to spend more on vape juices due to the high levels of vape juice consumption. As you become a pro in vaping, you may desire flavors with high nicotine concentrations. Such vape juices are not suitable for Sub-Ohms vaping, meaning you will have to get another vape device or train in regular vaping.  In the meantime, you can enjoy the smooth, warm hits which are necessary during cold seasons.

4. Try some cool but simple tricks.

Vaping is fun when you entertain your friends with some cool vaping tricks. Vaping tricks are not meant for amateurs, but there are simple tricks that anyone new to vaping can perform without much effort. Here are some cool vaping tricks for beginners:

Ghost hit

Forming an elusive ghost should not be a problem. All you need is a vaping device that produces more vapor and smoother throat hits. Drag vapor from the kit, then store it in your mouth cavity but don’t inhale through the mouth or nose. This will prevent air from mixing with the vapor in the mouth. Blow out the vapor from your mouth and suck it back immediately. You shall have formed a perfect ghost without much effort.



This involves forming Os with the vapor as you blow it out. Train on how to form an O with your mouth before you try this trick. Once you are perfect, draw some vapor, then form an O with your tongue and mouth. Blow the vapor out by pushing a lot of air from your guts. You will make some cool rings that will appear successively.


This trick combines O-rings with ghost hits. Draw some vapor but do not let it in the lungs. Blow it out to form one or two O-rings, then quickly follow it with a ghost hit; however, do not suck back the vapor. The result will be an O-ring, with a ghost hit following, forming a jellyfish. You can also try a few tricks of your own; however, you need to practice. You also need to understand that these tricks can be dangerous and sometimes lead to accidents; hence proceed with caution.

The Bottom Line

Vaping like a pro is not very difficult; you don’t need special training to show your perfection. All you need are a few tricks, the proper mode of vaping, premium juices, and the right vaping device to make you stand out. As a beginner, do not try things you may consider dangerous such as the powerful throat hits that harm you. You need simple things that communicate your expertise.

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