4 Masculine Jewelry Styles You Should Know

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1.Cuban Link Chain Jewelry 

A Cuban link chain is an increasingly popular masculine jewelry style. Typically, Cuban link chain jewelry design features round or oval-shaped rings that interlock together to form a sleek and uniform pattern. The pattern interconnects all of these rings together, resulting in the round or oval rings resting flat on your chest or wrist as they link together when you wear the Cuban link chain jewelry piece. Cuban link chain jewelry typically has a distinctly masculine character and aesthetic, mainly because the chain is more substantial in size and thickness in each dimension. Further, this creates a more male-oriented and weightier feeling to the person wearing it than other kinds of jewelry typically do.

This spiked diamond chain from 6 Ice is the perfect jewelry piece if you want a masculine Cuban link chain for yourself that is high quality, made with high craftsmanship, stands out, and looks expensive, yet comes at an optimal price for what you get. This Cuban link chain will shine and sparkle and is the perfect masculine-style jewelry piece if you want a Cuban link chain. It has a width of 15mm, features CZ (Cubic Zirconia) stones, and can go in either an 18-karat gold plated or 14-karat white gold material. It has a secure and easy box clasp.

2.Pendant Necklaces

Pendant necklaces are popular jewelry styles, with certain ones significantly geared towards a clear, masculine aesthetic that you might want to consider. Dog tag chain necklaces perfectly illustrate this kind of jewelry style and how pendant necklaces can be characteristically masculine-like. Other types of masculine pendant necklaces also include cross pendant necklaces, compass pendant necklaces, pendants with an animal motif, or skull-shaped pendants. There are many unique, modern, and incredible masculine styles for pendants and charm necklaces. Whether you want something on the simple side or more of an ornate piece, you can find the perfect one to suit you and your style as your next jewelry piece.

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3.Leather Jewelry

Various types of leather jewelry are available, such as bracelets, necklaces, and more, providing a strong, hefty, and masculine-like feeling and design. The masculine feeling many people get from leather jewelry can arise for many reasons. The material is sturdy and strong, giving off that same feel as this macho, masculine aesthetic. It also gives off a very rustic feeling that comes off as masculine-like energy. The incredible thing about leather jewelry is that you can hand make it easily at home if you decide to do so. It is a beautiful and often highly affordable option.

4.Signet Rings

Signet rings are traditionally a masculine style of jewelry. Signet rings have a long history of initially only being worn by men, specifically on the pinky finger. It has long been a marker symbolizing one’s level of wealth and status, historically worn by men in business and politics for signing, marking, and sealing essential documents by pressing the face into hot wax. Traditionally, men would wear signet rings. They would have an engraved design with the unique family crest of the person wearing it. By this, you would dip the signet ring into hot wax before being used to produce a signature.


There are various and incredible options for masculine jewelry styles available today. Some of these fantastic masculine-feeling jewelry style options include a Cuban link chain, such as the diamond prong one featured here, pendant necklaces, like a dog tag chain necklace, leather jewelry, and signet rings. However, a jewelry item is as masculine or feminine as you believe it to be. Ultimately, we advise that you accessorize with whatever jewelry pieces bring you the most joy to wear and stylize at the end of the day. 

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