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Tablecloths do more than bring style and class to any mealtime. They also can alter how we perceive the flavors of the food we eat. Set with clean, crisp linen tablecloths, napkins, and runners, a backyard picnic, tea on the terrace, weekend breakfast, or formal dinner will all feel more special, festive, and glamorous.

Choosing a tablecloth is a serious matter. But buying a tablecloth doesn’t have to be tough! If you’re looking to buy a tablecloth and need help where to begin, we have some helpful advice and ideas to get you started.

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Tablecloths are traditionally made of linen, usually with cotton and cotton blends. However, these excellent fabrics will need pressing after every wash.

Check the label before buying. Some may even need dry cleaning. Easy-care polyester fabrics are a commonly accessible alternative nowadays. They only need a wash, dry, and use. Polyester and synthetic materials have also advanced in texture, maintenance, and look. 

These materials have the benefit of requiring little pressing and work from you, leaving you more time for your party and visitors. Additionally, because spills and stains are synthetic, they are simple to clean up with regular pre-washing spray treatments.

Tablecloths should ideally be from delicate, natural fibers like linen or cotton. You can buy synthetic ones, but the feel and overall effect are poorer. Pure linen makes the most Instagrammable table and feels lovely against the skin as you wipe, dab, and clean.


Consider the color of your tablecloth and other table linens after you’ve selected the fabric. Select plain white, off-white, or ivory tablecloth if you prefer a more formal look. If you want to add color to your table, pick a set that complements, but doesn’t overpower your event’s decor. 

Choose linens in a tone that draws out hues from the wall or curtain colors, or coordinate them with your dinnerware. The simplest solution is to invest in a tablecloth and several sets of napkins in a pastel color. Depending on the season and the situation, you can mix and match items in this way.

Size and shape

The tablecloth’s size conveys the formality of an event where it is used. A drop of 6-8″ is suitable for informal occasions, while a drop of 10-15″ is ideal for formal events. 

Although they are still appropriate for any occasion, long, to-the-floor length tablecloths come in handy for most formal events like weddings or holidays. You can buy a rectangle, square, oval, or round tablecloth in bulk, depending on your needs.


For table linens, you want high-quality textiles that won’t fall apart or get threadbare after the second wash because they need to withstand spills, stains, and numerous washes. Table linen is an investment since, in addition to a piece of cloth, you’re also paying for the ambiance, visual appeal, and unique sensation you get from a thoughtfully designed table setting.