4 Italian Seafood Items You Should Buy Online

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4 Italian Seafood Items You Should Buy Online

Today, more and more people are switching their diets to a healthier option, and there are a significant number of people, choosing to go the route of a pescatarian diet. However, with the outbreak of coronavirus, and not much fresh seafood is available, and pescatarians are left with an option to consume vegetables or packaged or preserved seafood. You can buy seafood online from online seafood stores. Before going through the six Italian seafood items, you could buy online, let’s talk about the pescatarian diet. 

Pescatarian Diet

A pescatarian person is someone who prefers adding seafood items to their vegetarian diet. Many reasons govern why they prefer seafood over standard meat and poultry. Some of whom choose the particular diet to enhance the health benefits of having vegetarian meals alongside hearty-meaty healthy fish. While, some others choose this particular diet in order to curb the environmental impact of consuming meat, and others just choose it because they have an aversion to the taste of meat, and prefer fish instead. 

What Don’t Pescatarians Don’t Eat

  • Chicken 
  • Beef
  • Lamb 
  • Turkey
  • Wild Game
  • Pork 

The Benefits of adding fish to a Vegetarian Diet

  • Get More Omega-3s
  • Boost One’s Protein Intake
  • Packed with Other Nutrients
  • Giving A Variety of Options to the Vegetarian Meal

Seafood Items You Must Buy Online

  1. Anchovy Fillet: For True Italian food fest, getting anchovy fillets imported from Italy, packed with olive oil, giving it a rustic texture, is the perfect item to throw into pasta, soups, appetizers, pizzas and even salads.

Simple Recipe: Crispy Lettuce, Anchovy, and Egg Crouton Salad
Instructions: hard boil the egg for 8 minutes, drain and peel after soaking it in cold water for 5 minutes. Make a dressing by adding garlic, an egg yolk, some mustard, lemon juice and sugar, along with some good old seasoning, mixing them vigorously or using a hand-held electric whisk into a smooth dressing. Now tear the lettuce into small pieces and leave it on the base of a shallow bowl. Cut the egg into quarters and arrange it on top, then add in the anchovies fillet bought from an online seafood store and then pour in the dressing. Mix well to enjoy a sumptuous meal. You could make the same salad with a different variation of seafood. Maybe a Mexican tuna salad is also worth having.

  1. Anchovies in Olive Oil: Looking for a quick snack or a munch? Anchovies in Olive Oil with variations of different seasonings such as capers, chilli peppers, dried tomatoes, garlic & parsley and so on, are the perfect salad toppers or even pickles to be used in sandwiches to give snacking a zing. Don’t be afraid to use them or munch on them throughout the day.
  2. Bottarga di Muggine Dried Mullet Roe: Looking for a way to spice up the textural and taste of your everyday homemade pasta without making use of unhealthy bacon or pancetta, then try Bottarga di Muggine Dried Mullet Roe. They are naturally dehydrated for a week and have a rich content of Omega 3. It’s also known to decrease anxiety levels of consumers and acts as a natural aphrodisiac. The sodium content is low for a preserved fish that’s dehydrated. Thinly sliced, they can be used as a toast topper or can even be grated over pasta, salad and even scrambled form of eggs.
  3. Marinated Mixed Seafood Salad Family Pack: On lazy days when you don’t feel like cooking yourself a meal from scratch, and still want to eat healthily, yet energetic foods, then marinated mixed seafood salad family packs are the best rescue for you. 

Try these four meal alternatives four days in a week, and let us know what worked best for you. Which among these was your favourite and would you recommend your friends to try them? 

4 Italian Seafood Items You Should Buy Online