10 of the remarkable tattoos of famous soccer players

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10 of the remarkable tattoos of famous soccer players

Tattoos of soccer players are widespread in our time. There are many tattoo lovers among soccer stars. Tattoos of soccer players memorable dates, portraits of family members, and career achievements on their skin. Meta.reviews talks about remarkable tattoos of famous soccer players.

Jose Gimenez (Atletico Madrid)

The Uruguayan defender has more than 50 small-sized tattoos on his body, allowing Gimenez to get them over and over again. The main part of the tattoos of soccer players is devoted to important events in the player’s life. For example, September 10, 2013, is the date of the player’s debut for the national team.

Dani Alves (São Paulo)

Daniel Alves

The Brazilian defender has his ex-wife tattooed on his right shoulder and the names of his son Daniel and daughter Victoria on the lower abdomen. On the left forearm – Jesus with the glowing heart. Also, the soccer player has important dates tattooed on his body.

Lionel Messi (Barcelona)

Lionel Messi

The Argentine striker’s body is adorned with a crown, his son’s palms, his children’s birth dates, his grandmother’s portrait, Jesus in a crown of thorns, and other tattoos of soccer players.

Neymar (PSG)

tattoos of soccer players

The Brazilian has more than 30 tattoos with special meaning. For example, the boy with the ball on his left calf reminds the forward of his childhood. On Neymar’s body, there is his life credo – “Everything passes”, “Courage and Joy”, “Life is a joke”. There is a prayer tattooed on his chest in memory of his father. There are also portraits of close ones.

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Marcelo (Real Madrid)

tattoos of soccer players

The Brazilian defender also has many tattoos on his body. But the most interesting is the Volkswagen Beetle on his shoulder. Marcelo tattooed it in memory of his grandfather, who drove his grandson to the training, recognizing the soccer talent in him as a child.

Memphis Depay (Olympique Lyonnais)

tattoos of soccer players

The most touching of the Dutchman’s tattoos is dedicated to his deceased grandfather, whose loss was a great stress for Depay. The most memorable image is a full-back lion with skulls over it.

Tim Howard (Memphis 901)

tattoos of soccer players

American goalkeeper has many tattoos. On his body, you can find portraits and names of children, the sign of Superman, and quotes from the Bible. It’s an interesting neighborhood.

Nigel de Jong (Al-Shahania)

The Dutchman collects tattoos. He takes pictures of each new image on his body for social networks. Interestingly, all of De Jong’s tattoos are a set of patterns without inscriptions or pictures.

Mauro Icardi (PSG)

tattoos of soccer players

The Argentinean has a huge number of tattoos on his body. The part is dedicated to his daughters and wife Wanda, but the lion stands out the most, which occupies the entire front part of the torso.

Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid)

tattoos of soccer players

There is almost no space left on the skin of the Spanish defender. The entire chest and back are covered with images of crosses, lions, evil spirits, texts of prayers. Ramos especially loves numbers. The most interesting is the 90+ tattoo. Sergio is famous for his goals scored in extra time.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic (AC Milan)

tattoos of soccer players

The Swedish striker says it’s not hard to trace his biography from his tattoos. On Zlatan’s body, you can find a Vitruvian man, a fearsome lion, other animals, feathers, fish, as well as the names of his children, mother, father, and many other images.

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