Your Own Space: 10 Inexpensive Privacy Fence Ideas from the Pros

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Inexpensive Privacy Fence

Are you trying to make your backyard a private area? Read this article to learn about inexpensive privacy fence ideas for your home.

In case you didn’t know, patios have become extremely popular over the last decade. If you don’t want your patio overlooked, you may be looking for inexpensive privacy fence ideas for your home.

If that’s the case, we know what to do to make your yard private. Interested in learning more tips for yard privacy?

To create your own space, take a look at 10 ideas from the pros! 

1. Use Huge Pots and Planters

One of the first privacy ideas you should try out for your patios is using huge pots and planters as a natural divider. All that you need to purchase for this fun privacy tip are:

  • Several big planters
  • Decorative flowers

To get started, set up your pots and planters in a long row around the perimeter of your porch. This is a cheap alternative to setting up pricey shrubs as a privacy fence instead.

On average, it only costs up to $20 per planter. Not to mention about $15 per potting soil bag. Don’t forget to pay for plants too!

2. Transplant Trees to Your Patio

Want to transplant trees to your patio?

If that’s the case, this is fantastic for those with a larger budget and patio. For those of you who like the idea of an evergreen privacy fence, bushes and trees are incredible fences as long as you’re willing to wait a while.

Fortunately for you, some trees like arborvitaes can grow quickly over the years. That way, your natural fence will turn into the best barrier between your patio and your neighborhood before you know it.

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The best part is that you can get certain privacy trees for under $20.

3. Build Living Plant Walls

For those of you who want to build living plant walls, you’re in luck. You can begin by grabbing several hanging flower boxes and hanging them from a screen or frame. Fill up your boxes with your favorite greenery and soil.

For more privacy, choose bushier plants as the main element of your garden boxes. Think about plants that trail well to provide more cover between garden boxes. Besides the cost of plants, consider the prices of flower boxes, holders, and soil too.

4. Hang Curtains on Your Patio

If you want to hang curtains on your patio, simply purchase a rod, wire, or rope to drape it from. Otherwise, you can use porch railings or trees to get the job done too. If you are feeling adventurous, you can always drive wooden posts into the ground for additional support.

Then, attach your rod or wire and hang up your DIY privacy curtains. While it costs up to $50 for curtains, it costs about $25 per wooden post as well. Remember to factor in your suspension tools.

5. Buy Retractable Backyard Screens

Here’s the deal.

This may not be the ideal solution to your privacy problem, but buying retractable backyard screens should do the trick. That means that this is a cheap and quick way to put a wall between any prying eyes and your patio.

Although it is easy to find patio dividers in home improvement stores, you can also look online. Be sure to anchor it to the subfloor of your patio with your fasteners for extra security. Heads up: it costs between $100 and $300 for this idea.

6. Build Your Own Private Screen

You can make an incredibly quirky privacy screen using old, scrap doors. You don’t even have to have the paint to match to make it work.

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Just attach them with hinges to make your privacy screen. The same goes for vintage shutters screens too.

On the other hand, it’s stress-free to find screens that are pre-built from wood or wicker as well. For DIY privacy screens, you can most likely find parts for free. If not, you can purchase privacy screens that are rebuilt for anywhere from $50 to $300.

7. Try Lattice Fencing for Privacy

If you’re willing to pay up the $20 for lattice panels, you might want to try lattice fencing for privacy on your porch.

Before you set it up, you can also stain or paint your lattice to match the color of your patio furnishings.

Feeling more traditional? If yes, this idea is about as inexpensive and simple as you can get.

8. Add Horizontal Planks to Your Porch

Want instant privacy? We highly recommend that you add horizontal planks to your porch.Adding decorative fencing panels can also be a great option to give a stylish look to your privacy fence.

Whether you leave room for plant vines or space them close together, the result is sleek and modern. Your privacy fence can even double as a natural trellis. If all else fails, choose red cedar fencing. 

9. Invest in Metal Fencing for Your Patio

News flash: it’s smart to invest in metal fencing for your patio.

From chain link fencing to corrugated options, there are tons of options to choose from. Corrugated metal fences can make your patio seem more private before you know it.You can also consider aluminum fences from

10. Purchase Bamboo Fencing for Your Porch

Not sure which way to turn? Try to purchase bamboo fencing for your porch. This affordable option is a fast way to make your patio private.

Are you still asking yourself “how much does fencing cost?” If that’s the case, it’s probably time to research fence installation prices today.

Invest in Inexpensive Privacy Fence Ideas

Thinking about investing in inexpensive privacy fence ideas? When it comes to ideas for privacy fences, we’ve got you covered. Look at fence ideas here.

Are you looking to learn more lifestyle tips? If that’s the case, check out more of our blog now.


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