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  • Geometric rhino tattoo by Emrah Özhan

    Tattoos by Emrah Özhan

    Emrah Özhan is a tattoo artist from Istanbul, Turkey working at Dramatik Tattoo studio.

    She does mainly geometrical shapes and images that derive from them. Often we see various animals drawn in geometric shapes, we included lion, cat, horse, rhino and deer tattoos created by Emrah Özhan. We can certainly call her modern and "hipster" tattoo artist.

    If you are in Istanbul, or planning to visit for a geometrical tattoo you must check her out. However, there are some rules she always goes by: don't bring your design to her office as she does only custom designs. Also, no cover- ups, or finger tattoos! We hand picked best Emrah Özhan tattoos from the web, so enter end enjoy her amazing work!

  • Butterfly tattoo by W. T. Norbert

    Tattoos by W. T. Norbert

    This time we will show you some of the best tattoos created by one of Polands greatest tattoo artist W. T. Norbert!

    He began working on tattoos in 1993 after getting inspiration in Sweeden from a tattoo artist he randomly met at an art exhibition. In 1998 he opened his first tattoo studio in Gdansk. Later he left to Australia and currently you can find him creating amazing tattoo art at the Inner Vision Tattoo studio.

    His work can be defined as colourful traditional tattoo works inspired by the native American Indians. Often we can find indian symbols portrayed in his work, most notably portraits various animals that had significance in the Indian culture. If you are looking for some of the best colourful tattoos, make sure to visit our gallery for more pictures!

  • Gun and writing tattoo by Jon Mesa

    Tattoos by Jon Mesa

    You might have seen Jon Mesa on the Oxygen’s “BEST INK” TV show. Or maybe you can recognise his name from the July, 2013 cover of “Freshly Inked Magazine". Either way, Jon Mesa is one of the biggest names in the tattoo world.

    He began tattooing 7 years ago when he was offered a job as a helper at a friends tattoo shop. Since then he has never looked back and designed many award winning tattoos that put him on the top of his game. In 2013 Jon won two trophies at the Philadelphia tattoo convention- one for best medium color and one for best show.

    Check his winning tattoo work in our gallery dedicated to the tattoo master Jon Mesa!

  • Amazing woman back tattoo by Elvin Yong

    Tattoos by Elvin Yong

    This time we would like to introduce Elvin Yong - one of the best tattoo artists in Singapore. He started working as a tattoo artist as early as 1997 and he is doing the same job ever since.

    Elvin Young has a particular style, where he mainly does black and grey tattoos. Ok... sometimes he adds some colour, but his style is definitely back and grey. He is also noted as one of the best realistic tattoo artists in the world. Therefore, if you are looking for a photorealistic tattoo, look no more!

    We have collected 25 of his all time best tattoos, so go ahead and check out his gallery!

  • Heart and roses tattoo by Rebecca Vincent

    Tattoos by Rebecca Vincent

    We would like to introduce a relatively new tattoo artist this time - Rebecca Vincent.

    Revecca is a tattoo artist from London and she works as a tattooist at The Circle tattoo shop in the vibrant and sometimes wacky Soho area of London. What really strikes about Rebecca Vincent is her truly unique and beautiful tattoo style. If we would to describe her style, it would probably fall into the category of dot work. What is interesting is that her inspiration comes from museums, old nature books and geology - not the traditional inspiration for a tattoo artist, thus very unique and awesome style!

    If you are looking for unique dot work tattoos, you must check out the hand picked best tattoos from Rebecca Vincent we have for you!